Inscription Enclosed

When leaving Snake Creek on Saturday, with kayak atop, we drove by the grand opening of a Half Books store in the area.  Of course I had to check it out since we don't have one (that I know of) in our area.

I ended up making out with some good book finds including The Literary Life and Other Curiosities:

When I got in the car, I began flipping through the volume as the front cover said it included literary lovers, mad poets, unusual endings, famous last words, famous rejection slips, and a plethora of other tidbits.

But, what captured my heart was when I, right before closing it, turned to the first page and saw that someone had written in it (verbatim - grammar included):

"In memory of my dearest friend, Adrian Donville, 1907-1990...he would have loved this book, been most fascinated by it, I know. It's strange that, with all my reading, my browsing in book stores, the main library, and reading of all
sorts of reviews, that I'd never heard of this book (to my knowledge) apparently Haslam's, B. Dalton, etc., didn't stock this book (as a Penguin paperback, publ. 1982, or as the original 1981 hardover! Perhaps the book went out of print in early or mid-1980's? Anyway, this is a superb, utterly fascinating and often very funny book, stunningly laid out with wonderful sketches thruout." 

I assume the inscription is from Harvey Royce (May 18 1994) as his name is written on the other side of the front cover.  

How wonderful is this?  I've never found a book with an inscription dedicated to someone posthumously. It makes me sad to think that Mr. Rocye could never share this book with his friend.  I imagine what type of conversations they must have had together.  Did they drink coffee?  Smoke cigars? *sigh* I guess I'll never know. 


  1. That is sad...but also very sweet. And the book sounds fascinating.

  2. Have you checked out bookinscriptions.com? It's a site dedicated to inscriptions people write in books. This would be a very good addition.


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