Sunday Salon (03/22)

This is a pretty late Sunday Salon.  I've been out on the kayak all day.  It was gorgeous weather, the water was crystal clear blue - thanks to the springs, and luck followed us because we got to see an otter family! Those critters are the darn near quickest things I've ever scene.  But, I prevailed through persistence and nabbed a couple of cute pictures.  

This week I did get some reading done.  I finished both Persepolis I and II for Nymeth's crazy cool mini challenge where I got to meet the wonderful Madeline.  Post summarizing that experience soon to come.  

I also picked up and began reading today Neil Postman's Building a Bridge to the 18th Century: How We Can Improve our Future. I read a couple of books by Postman quite a few years ago and decided to revisit him again.  I had forgotten how easy his writing flows and in the car ride back from Yak Adventures I went through about 60 pages.  Okay.  That's about it for me and this post.  Pizza just arrived and I haven't eaten anything but sunflower seeds today!  (Short story - sandwich got soaked!)

 I'll end with some shuttle pictures from last Sunday. Not very bookish, but I hope you enjoy!  We were less than 10 miles away from the launch pad.

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  1. Hi Christina,

    I finished Persepolis I and II and posted my review. I am still not sure how we are supposed to post it for the challenge. I suppose we send a link of our review to Nymeth.
    I am linking my review to her blog and yours.

    All this time spend on the water sounds so wonderful :D

    I hope your week started well
    Sylvie Madeleine


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