~Bloggiesta Ole~

I had a complete MY BAD moment, folks!

I marked bloggiesta on my calendar for NEXT weekend, not *this* weekend.  Luckily for such networks as Twitter, I caught on (I'm a wee bit behind my feeds).

This will be my first year participating in bloggiesta, but man, do I have a lot of bloggy stuff I'd like to get taken care of.  So, here's my list.  I'll be coming back to this post off and on through out the weekend crossing things off, making additions, and so forth.

If you are PARTICIPATING, please LEAVE A COMMENT so I can follow your progress too! :)


  • Create a post and link of all my Sunday Salon topics
  • Create a post and link of all my Friday Five topics
  • Link my short stories
  • Make sure that all of my book reviews are linked to the main book review page
  • Link all of my book reviews to my Library Thing account
  • Figure out a better comment reply system
  • Write three book reviews 
  • Make a list of topics to write about when my brain is mushy
  • Figure out how to make a Friday Five button (this I need help with, peeps!)
  • Create an about me page
  • Figure out how to copyright my blog (can anyone help me with this one??)


  1. I'll be participating too!

    As for your button, the best way to make them that I've found is that you find a picture that you want to use (Flickr Creative Commons is a good way to find one free of copyright, as long as you check to make sure it's okay that you alter the image). Then upload that picture into Picnik.com and it will give you a million options for playing with it, adding text, etc. :)

  2. I'm also doing Bloggiesta and hope I have time to get it all done! I also need to copyright my blogs

  3. Oh,I'm so glad you didn't miss it.

    As for the copyright notice, watch my blog for a link to the flashback mini-challenges. One of them talks specifically about adding a copyright notice to your blog.

  4. Thanks for reminding me! I forgot, too.

    I like your list so much that I may have to steal it.


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