Outta the Rut RaT

I earned a major FAIL at this weekend's loosely designed RaT that Allie and attempted to get out of our reading rut.  

I actually read, so I s'pose that is better than my non-reading self of the previous eight days.  But still...I did not even come close to my goal of finishing two books and getting through half of Oliver Twist.  

Instead of reading OT, I grabbed a Carol Goodman book off of my shelf.  I remembered how much I loved her lyrical prose and suspenseful mystery last year and figured that would entice me enough to pick up my reading speed.  And it did.  I mean, I read nearly 2/3rds of the book in the past three days, which is obviously much more than the zilch I had under my belt prior to this mini reading lockdown.  

I may or may not get to finish OT for this month.  And I may or may not be finishing John Stuart Mill.

Such is life.  I'm trying to be okay with that.  


  1. It's okay! You tried! And perhaps it is better not to force yourself out of a rut. Somehow I managed to turn it around today, but I owe that to the fact that 1. Matt was working all day 2. Matt had the Jeep since we got a foot of snow yesterday, therefore I couldn't go anywhere 3. I have been in the apartment for two days straight and everything I could do to procrastinate had already been done (I even cleaned the bathroom).

    See? I was FORCED into reading...out of SHEER BOREDOM.

    Anyway, I hope things turn around for you soon! I read mindless YA to get out of my funk and it kind of worked!

  2. Absolutely okay. I set down War and Peace a few weeks ago. Happily.

    And my stack of books to review is threatening to top Mt. Everest in height. Oh well!

  3. It's definitely okay. I'm glad you found a book that keeps your interest.


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