It's a post!

Folks, I have been in my own fugue state.  Seriously.  Today I am on muscle relaxers and cold killers and that leaves me feeling all –I-fell-down-the-rabbit-hole- and sorts.

This, of course, is merely the culmination of a fast-paced New Year (glory be, are we really halfway through March?) and I would give anything to click my heels together and find myself curled up in a snuggy with hours ahead of me with no deadlines or places to be.

But, that’s not my life right now peeps.  I’m a workaholic who spends her afterhours socializing it up at the bars or vegging it out in front of the tele.

Oh, sure, sure, I have read some.  (John Galt, I know who you are!) But I haven’t been READING (wherein reading is very much a drawn out 30 second word).  And I definitely have not been WRITING (my blog is so bare that it needs its own snuggy).

And I don’t want to be neglectful, but let’s face it, I am.  So, I’m going to suck it up and just lay it out in the blogosphere and you all are going to want to smack your head and shout back at me, “Duh, Captain Obvious!”, ‘cuz I’m in an unofficial blogging break due to my blogging slump.  Momentum has left the building momentarily. 

I don’t want to give any specifics on when I’ll be back to my regularly blogging schedule, cuz what I think I need is to just chillax and write when the mood strikes me brilliant – or in the very least coherent.  


  1. Honestly, I've kind of felt lately that I want to change up the focus of my blog a little. Still talk about books, but not ONLY about books, you know?

  2. There's no reason to pressure yourself! Eventually you'll probably be in the mood to read/blog again!

  3. We'll be right here when you're ready to come back. I hope life gets a bit less hectic for you soon!

  4. Take your time and come back when you're ready. We'll still be here. :)

  5. You are so funny! "my blog is so bare that it needs its own snuggy." It doesn't look bare to me. We all need breaks to refresh once in awhile.


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