TSS - Final Countdown

The Life
 Well folks, I'm heading toward the final countdown at school.  I believe that come Monday I have eleven days left with the students.  This, of course, means that the kids are CRAZY.  Seriously.  Like, duck and cover and hope that they don't take prisoners, crazy.  (I only partially jest.)  

Track season ended and our girls did FABULOUS at all-county.  All-county is where 66 schools come and compete (y'know, all the middle schools in our county...)  They did us proud. 

It's pretty obvious why I chose to hibernate this past week.  Rather than stay after for various things that I'm not obligated to take care of this coming week, I came home, made dinner, and read.  Oh.  And watched bunches of tv.  *sigh* It was lovely.

The Blog

I recklessly posted some things this week on the blog.  It was sorta all over the place and rushed.  My bad.  This coming week is BEA for the lucky ducks who are in NYC and Armchair BEA for us who still want some sort bookish love.  I'll be participating in the latter.  

I'll be blogging about this in the near future, but until I do, I suggest that everyone read up on Amanda's 52-52-52 challenge.  Sounds like fun!

The Books

This week, I finished

This up and coming week, I plan on reading

  • Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry - I'm 200 pages in and cannot believe how much I'm enjoying this nifty little western.  (I really shouldn't call it "little" considering it's over 900 pages).  I owe this choice to James over at Ready When You Are, CB.  If it hadn't been for his Hop-a-Long Western Challenge I'd probably never pick up this masterpiece.  


  1. Thanks for spreading the word! I think once your semester ends, you should join Sparkpeople with me. :D You'll have time to sift through it a little bit every day until it all makes sense, because I know it looks completely confusing and overwhelming and spammy when you first look at it. It's not at all, though, I promise! All that chaos makes sense once you get used to it, and those of us who are using it regularly and interacting with people are all losing weight! :)

  2. Only 11 days... our seniors have only 4 and are ready jump out of their skins. Lets just hope that they turn in all their books to me so that they can graduate! We are so close to the end I can smell it!

  3. I still have 17. I'm going to finish the history curriculum by the middle of next week, then I don't know what I'll do with them.

    Glad you're enjoying Lonesome Dove.

  4. Are you and your students doing the shaving-cream-desk-cleaning? Because that was always my favorite part of the end-of-year time, and I am still sort of sad I don't get to do that as a grown-up.


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