Friday Films - Cabin Fever

I love me some Eli Roth.  Man why hasn't he done MORE movies?!

Cabin Fever is one of my all time favorites.  It's absolutely gory, not terribly scary, AND has some funny parts to boot.  The premise is pretty simple: these good friends decide to rent a cabin in the woods.  Basically your R 'n' R kinda week.  And all is going warm fuzzy well until one of the guys comes in contact with the flesh eating virus.  Obvs all hell breaks loose at this point.

Hellloooo Gore Fest.

Here's the trailer:

And here, because Mr. Roth has such a great sense of humor, is the Family Version:

FINALLY, the inspiration for this movie?  When Eli was a kid he ACTUALLY GOT THE FLESH EATING VIRUS.

Bwhahahahaha.  Happy Horror folks.

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  1. Eli Roth is awesome! And I love the family version. :)


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