Friday Films - In the Mouth of Madness

Hiya folks!  I don't usually write about movies, but I thought I would share my top favorite horror films this month because, well, it's OCTOBER and I freakin' LOVE October.  The weather actually drops below the 90's, there's tons of good (and awful) scary movie-athons on the tele, AND it's the month for the biannual Readathon.

The first movie on this list* is In The Mouth of Madness.  I suspect not many people have heard of it and my guess is most would consider it a b-flick.  I saw it in college and still own the VHS that I purchased.  ITMOM pays homage to both HP Lovecraft and Stephen King, which is Awesome Point #1.  Awesome Point #2 is it's directed by John Carpenter. and Awesome Point #3 is the premise, which is as follows:

We meet this cat** named John Trent and he's this investigator who is asked to search out a missing author, Sutter Cane.  The publicist needs the final book in the popular horror writer's series.   So, Trent decides to read some of Cane's novels to get an idea about this mysterious author, which leads him to having this horrific nightmares.  The search leads Trent to a small New Hampshire town and murderous mayhem ensues.  Essentially reality blurs and Trent goes a wee bit berserk.

There are parts where the movie is a gore fest, but it's done in a cheesy gory glop of goo manner.  This causes me to be both horrified and giggly.  The Best combination for a scary movie.

Check out some You Tube action.

And also, what the what?!  These people are mad dedicated to the flick:

* my list is not in any particular order
** and by 'cat' I am referring to the 50's slang


  1. I've never heard of this one, but for some reason I've always loved Sam Neil. I'll have to check it out.

  2. Bahaha, I just went to add this to my netflix queue and realized it's already in there. That's when you know you have too many movies in your queue.


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