Readathon #fail

I'm expecting it to be mad quiet here on the Sunday Salon front, since most of you guys participated in the readathon.  I spent the morning reading everyone's updates while catching up on Jersey Shore. My readathon experience once again had the intentions but ended up in a #majorfail. 

I finished one book (Want To Go Private) and got about halfway through another (The Maze Runner).  But then Life gets involved AGAIN.  This is been a crazy year folks.  I think I was asleep by 9PM.  One of these readathons I'll actually stay focused!

IN OTHER NEWS....my baby boy, Corki, gained half a pound this past week which is fantastic.  Realistically I know that he is still sick, but it gives me hope that he'll be around a lot longer than what we anticipated.  Also, we have a new addition to the family.  Her name is Stella and she's six months old.  All of her siblings got adopted out and she remained by herself for like two months.  It just broke Di's and my heart.  (Evidently people don't like black cats?)  We took her home Wednesday and she's been a big bag of excitement.  The poor thing had been in a cage all of her six months. 

ALSO...I got my first stitches ever!  Last week I was making tacos and ended up slicing my knuckle with the bean can.  I didn't think anything of it, but it wouldn't stop bleeding.  After driving around for a bit of an hour to find a walk-in that was actually open, we found one right before its closing time.  They thought I was a weirdo for laughing so much.  But truly, I felt pretty damn outrageous.  The sucker only needed two stitches.  I still have them in because the knuckle just won't close up.  One of our nurses at school said to hold out cuz if it opens after the stitches get taken out they can't restitch.  What the what?  It's a pain I tell you.

FINALLY...we have our first field trip this week.  We're walking the kids to the park, about a mile away.  You guys!  These kids have never been to a park.  They keep asking what do people do there?!  So we're bringing basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, lunches.  Plus today, I'm heading up there to check out a trail by the river.  I want to make sure that it's not flooded.  But we might have prime gator spotting! 

Hope everyone has a fantastic week. 


  1. Hey, sleep is important! :D And EEK about the stitches, that's just nuts!

    Good for you guys adopting the black kitty. Our kitty is black too. Actually, we adopted him in late October of 2009 and they wouldn't even let us pick him up until after a week of November had passed. Apparently people will adopt black (or white - we got one of those too with the same pick up situation) cats right before Halloween to torture them, so the shelters around here have policies not to let anyone pick them up before the 5th or so of November...

  2. Wow, what a big week! I don't blame you for falling asleep at 9pm. Personally, I am really big on getting a full 8 hours, so I completely understand!

  3. You know, sleep is important. I ended up crashing before I wanted to yesterday. It is no big deal.

    Glad to hear Corki is doing better. I know how hard it is. One of our kitties, Spartacus (Sparty for short), is a black cat. When we were looking for a kitten to adopt, we were surprised by how many black cats are in the shelters and up for adoption. Everywhere we went, they told us that black cats have the highest rate of euthanasia because people are scared of them. But Sparty is the seriously the best cat ever. He is a lover and had a great personality. It saddens me to think that had we not given him a home, he would have been killed.

    Youch on the cut! What a bad place to be cut open!

  4. I had a readathon fail too! I was all ready to go, getting excited, and then came Thursday - the day I suddenly found out about all these things I had to do and places I had to be on Saturday. Real life just gets in the way too often. :)

  5. I had to have stitches on my knuckle once. I cut my knuckle on a broken wine glass. It sucked.

    My readathon was kind of a bust as well. I read one full book, 126 pages of another and about 30 pages of another. Life just kind of got in the way this time.

    I'm glad that Corki is doing better and that you have a new addition. That's a shame about black cats. I had a black cat once, Cinders. She was the sweetest, most affectionate cat. I adored her.

  6. One of our dogs is black. She's a little mutt, smart as a whistle and lots of fun. She almost maxed out her time at the pound before we found her. Black dogs have the same problem black cats do.

  7. It's so strange to me that people in America don't like black cats, because over here they're lucky! It's a strange strange strange world!

    I'm glad Corki's doing better :)

  8. Sorry I missed getting over here during the read-a-thon. I was focused on reading and the mini challenges but next time need to have a folder set up for fellow read-a-thoners.
    My first stitches were in my knee and even though it was only three thet had to stay in a while for the same reason yours do. It's a bad spot! At least now you can say you've had stitches (and you can make up a really cool story).


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