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Good morning folks! I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday and if you went up against the terrifying crowds on Black Friday, I hope it was successful!

I'm going to use this Sunday Salon to oooooh and ahhhhh over my new planner.  About a month ago, I spotted this gorgeous planner from a blogger (1) and had to inquire about it (read - OMG I love and must have.  My precious!).  She then directed me over to ErinCondren.com  and I was in love! 

I quickly picked out the cover and planner that I wanted, made a few choices, placed my order, and then sat and waited.  Until the beaut finally came!

Look how pretty!  I should have even taken a picture of the box.  The envelope there says: Just a little something or Christina and they were personalized stickers.

Here's a picture of the stickers.  And they even match the planner I picked out.

It was like opening a christmas gift; the packaging was gorgeous! 

All personalized, even!  I love the colors in this design.  

And the pages are ahMAYzing.  The days are separated in morning, day, evening.  There's columns on the side for todo stuff.  And in the back there's a whole bunch of other "extras" like stickers that have common things already written on them (birthday, party, etc.) and extras for me to write (uh, Readathons!) There's a pocket folder and pouch.  

If you are a big nerd like me and love all things like planners, journals, notepads, I would definitely head over to Erin Condred's site.  LOVE IT.


  1. This post made me smile. I hope you and your planner have a wonderful year together. Is it the kind you can get refills for when the year is up?

  2. This is beautiful! I used to love choosing a new planner each year and now I just use Google Calendar in my gmail. Colorful, but not nearly as exciting

  3. I LOVE anything that at least gives me the illusion of being organized. I share your joy!

  4. I LOVE planners! And this one is amazing. I like the idea of having to-do lists right in it...I'm going to have to order one!

  5. It's beauuuuuuuuutiful. I LOVE the idea of planners, but I usually get through the end of January and then forget about it. Kind of like the pregnancy journal that my mom gave me and I filled out all of the dates (each individual day) and then never looked at it again. Oops.

    I do have a little notebook that I keep in my purse for blog-ideas and other chicken scratch. My geekiness comes from trying to see how many different colors of pen I can write in. I literally ran down the aisle at Sam's the other day when I saw a pack of 20 colored Pilot G2 pens. #heaven

    Hope you and Diane had a lovely Thanksgiving.

  6. Oh that planner is beautiful! I love planners. With the job I have it's so much easier to use google calendar rather than a paper planner, but I try to be sure to lots of colors on the calendar, LOL.

  7. I LOVE your planner :D I'm a total planner junkie :p I found one I love from writers bloc and I've gotten refills every year. I DID brave the black friday madness! And let me tell you it WAS pure madness...but I got some good deals :p

  8. I geeked out over the planner and just went and ordered one for myself :)


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