Bloggiesta - Ole!

It's my last weekend wrapping up spring break.  What a better way to end it and begin the last quarter of the school year with good ole bloggiesta![1]

I'll be updating from this page over the weekend.  So let's see how well I get on.

To Do

  • Add newly acquired books to my LibraryThing account.  [This is where I keep an ongoing list of books that I own but still need to read.  Obvs it continues to grow!] [After entering those new-to-me books, I've decided that my LT shelf is a mess.  Over the summer I'm going to delete the tbr shelf and redo.  Too big of a project for this weekend...03/30/12 1:39PM]
  • In addition, I have some tweaking to do on my GoodReads account. Primarily, organizing my tags.  I'm awful at tags.  Does anyone have an ideas with this?
  • I've finished six books that need to get reviewed.  They are:
    1. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairy Land
    2. The Five Red Herrings
    3. A Long Long Sleep
    4. The Information Diet
    5. SpellCaster
    6. Willow
    7. The Princess Bride
  • Draft a post expressing why I love YA I'm not giving up on this.
  • Draft a post wrapping up March Mystery Madness
  • Draft a post of literary links
  • Fix my tags on RttN's site
  • Update my about page
  • Decide if I'm going to keep an alphabetical listing of the books I've reviewed
  • Organize my Google Reader by blog types
  • Visit ten new-to-me blogs

[1] If you've never heard of Bloggiesta head here.  It's a great way to meet fellow bloggers and force motivation on yourself to complete some daunting (and in my opinion) fairly dull tasks.


  1. Best of luck with all your projects! Tags annoy me, too. I like having them, since they make it easy for me to find things later on, but I'm forever forgetting to include them with particular books, or changing them ever so slightly, or just plain leaving them off. Blah.

  2. You have a great to do list! I have been writing reviews all morning as well as a couple bonus posts I am kind of excited about implementing. Happy Bloggiesta!

  3. With GR tagging, I always do it once I've read a book...otherwise I won't do it. I don't do it before I read a book, because that's just extra work for nothing(at least to me) Good luck with everything!

  4. Your alphabetical list is so long already! It would be sad to see you stop adding to it. I have one on my blog, and sometimes realize that I've forgotten to add to it, so not sure how accurate it really is.

  5. Sometimes a project is too big for a weekend, but don't worry, you can do it slowly. About tags at Goodreads, mine are pretty simple, mostly genres. I also have a wishlist tag and a to review soon tag.


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