TSS: Spring Break Ya'll

Hey hey hey guys!  How the heck have ya'll been?  I know I peaced-out a couple of weeks ago and don't know how committed I'm gonna be to RTTN over the next few weeks as the school year winds down and the kids amp up.

But right now all is good in the world cuz I'm on Spring Break.  Which means that while this gets posted, I'll be beach-side. 

I've read some for March Mystery Madness (don't forget to leave links to your reviews here).  Here's hopin' that I get around to writing MY OWN reviews!  :P  I want to say a huge thanks to Carol, Susan, and Peggy who have already shared some!

Cheers folks.  I'll be around again sometime soon.


  1. Enjoy your beachy goodness!

  2. I just realized TODAY is the last Sunday in April. Will I be too late if I post something NEXT Sunday (4/1). Gahhhhhh.

    Have a WONDERFUL week.


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