TSS - Summer Events!

Happy Sunday to everyone.

 The Drama and the Life

First, thank you to everyone who sent warmth and solidarity over the INSANELY asinine decision that was made at my school.  After setting my frustrations loose amongst friends and the netosphere, I am at a point where I can re-focus and come up with my "next plan".  The deets are still sketchy and I don't feel comfortable exploring them here; suffice to say, just because They say it's over, I'm pressing forward.

This past week flew by with the kiddos.  Finals were given and then we wrapped the week up with an awards ceremony.  Dude.  Let me tell you there's something to be said to see one of the toughest "gangbangers" turn bright red with pride for getting awarded "B average for the year". 

And that leaves me with four more days left.  This will be a busy week.  My birthday is Tuesday so there's a group of us going out to karaoke. I have tons of Gemini friends - we seem to gravitate toward each other - so it's turning into a #GeminiFTW kinda night.

THEN . . . Friday we'll be hosting the annual end of the year party.  It's a grand affair even if it stresses me out.  Knowing that around fifty people will be in and out of your house through out the night is an overwhelming feat for sure. 

The Bookish World

Um, hello!  I admit with my stress level sky-rocketing I completely almost forgot about Armchair BEA.  I salivate thinking that one day I might actually make it to the real deal, but seriously think that  I'd be way too freaked out.  So many people.  New people.  All at once?  Oy vey.  It's enough to make me get tingly and anxious just thinking about it.  BUT Armchair BEA **is** much more up to my speed.   There's a whole bunch of events set up and blogs to visit.  Having twitter available also makes it nice.  I dig these sorta social occasions because I know I don't have any pressure to live up to; there's no obligation if I find myself in hibernation mood.  I'm a lousy networker, but definitely enjoy being on the peripheral. 

Man, this summer is all about relaxing and reading.  There's a hashtag used for librarians, teachers, and general book lovers called #bookaday .  And as you guessed it, the goal is to read a book, any book, a day.  Donaylyn Miller is the brain behind this little challenge and as she puts it no pressure!  If you read three books in one day (and yeah, I've been known to do that too Donalyn!) then that'll count if you miss a day.  Oh and of course comics and children's books count as well.  It's all about having fun, finding others on twitter who do what you do, and getting to know so many great titles out there.  I seriously doubt I'll read sixty books over the summer, but I'm seriously making it a goal to at least complete book-every-other-day.  *grin*

Also, Allie over at A Literate Odyssey is celebrating the Victorians in June and July.  Of course I'm all for this.  It helps that I'm re-reading Wuthering Heights as we speak.  Um, seriously?!  I totally forgot how Bronte confused the heck out of me with similar character names.  Sheesh.  #headache  I don't know if I'll end up reading any other Victorian books over the months of June and July.  I want to keep my actual summer plans available for last minute hey this looks good moments.  BUT I definitely want to see what everyone else is reading, providing it's NOT DICKENS.  You wanna talk about a #headache.  Argh.  I should have stopped with Tale of Two Cities. I read that book back in 9th grade and loved it.  So of course I figured I'd read other things by him.  *sigh* but each book thereafter has only disappointed.  The worst of it is? Dickens seems like he'd be a really interesting person to have known irl

And FINALLY...I'm all about rereading The Stand and therefore joined Trish's Standalong.  It's a chunkster for sure, but this is one book that I read over fifteen years ago that still stays with me.  I'm putting it on my IPad because a 1100+ book is heavy to carry around. Heh.

Finally, I'm on the fourth book of the House of Night series.  I promised my old student I'd catch up to at least book six before she leaves for high school.  I'm finding myself pretty conflicted here with the series.  There are aspects where I'm all like, oh yeah, that's so cool that you wanna take it THERE and then there are times when I'm hitting my head against the desk because it is SOOOO banal and infantile. 

Let me know if you plan on participating in any of these summer activities. 


  1. Good luck with the "next plan!" And happy early birthday...there seem to be lots of b-days around. You Geminis are everywhere! ;-)

    The Stand has officially sucked me in. I'm already past p. 200. Hopefully I can keep up this pace!

  2. One of the best things about having an ipad is to be able to carry around any book no matter its weight. It's also part of the reason I love audio books so much! I just listened to IT last week and it was amaaazing.


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