Duuude. I need this bloggiesta weekend like a math student needs her pencil.  Seriously.  Just last month I was overwhelmed with all of the little things that I'd like to get done.  OF COURSE I didn't make a list, so now I'm floundering....Still, Motivation hit me this morning and we all gots to start somewhere, yes?  This will be updated and altered as the days lead up to the Big Ole and thereafter as I accomplish said tasks.

  1. Back up blog.  (When was the last time I did this?  Errrr....)
  2. Create a signature.  (Yes, maybe? Is this hard?)
  3. Add reviews to Goodreads, LibraryThing, and Amazon.  (Necessary? Probably not, but it's a simple cut and paste job.  Mindless = Audio listens!)
  4. Put order to my GReader (yeah, you know all of those blogs that you added to check out - CHECK THEM OUT - or get rid of them).
  5. Set up sub groups for Twitter. (This would have helped with the readalongs, wouldn't it?)
  6. Look at all of my "need to review" books, decide which ones you really want to review and then REVIEW THEM.
  7. Draft favorite Audio Book Narrators post.
  8. Draft The Year is Coming to an End post.
  9. Look at articles saved on Pinterest; draft posts of at least 2 that are STILL interesting.
  10. Leave comments on ten new blogs.
  11. Update alphabetical review listing.


  1. Great list! That reminds me, I need to back up my blog too now that Wordpress got a new update, but I've been putting it off for so long.

    And what kind of signature are you looking to create? One that goes at the end of each post?

  2. You are mighty ambitious!!! I probably couldn't accomplish one of those things in a weekend...sad, but true. :P Good luck!!!

  3. I have my signature auto-attach to all my posts. I wrote my name on a piece of paper, scanned it in, resized and did a little bit of editing to make it so it's transparent (not a white box with name in it), and that's it. Sounds like a lot but livesignature always sucked for me.

    I better make my list before time gets away from me.



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