I'm a little sleepy this morning so amongst all of the bloggy affairs I hope to take part in, I foresee a nap in my future as well.  

I also just bombarded you guys with like four reviews this week because they were posts saved for the future and then BAM I didn't look at their dates and they poured on through the blogosphere.  Total bummer because now I'm extremely low on my backlog of reviews to use for a rainy day.  Guess it's a good time for Bloggiesta then,huh? 

So here's my list.  I'll update strictly on this page only.  

  1. Back up blog.  (When was the last time I did this?  Errrr....)
  2. Create a signature.  (Yes, maybe? Is this hard?)
  3. Add reviews to Goodreads, LibraryThing, and Amazon.  (Necessary? Probably not, but it's a simple cut and paste job.  Mindless = Audio listens!)
  4. Put order to my GReader (yeah, you know all of those blogs that you added to check out - CHECK THEM OUT - or get rid of them).
  5. Set up sub groups for Twitter. (This would have helped with the readalongs, wouldn't it?)
  6. Look at all of my "need to review" books, decide which ones you really want to review and then REVIEW THEM.
  7. Draft favorite Audio Book Narrators post.
  8. Draft The Year is Coming to an End post.
  9. Look at articles saved on Pinterest; draft posts of at least 2 that are STILL interesting.
  10. Leave comments on ten new blogs.
  11. Update alphabetical review listing.
UPDATE 4/11 items completed.


  1. A lot of yours are ones I had to tackle and do myself! Especially the review one.

    Good luck this weekend!

  2. #2 = go to mylivesignature.com Super easy!

  3. Are we friends in goodreads? BkClubCare...

  4. Great list. I recently started playing with subgroups in Twitter -- much easier to handle the flow.

    Joy's Book Blog

  5. I can't wait to see your Favorite Audio Books Narrators post.

    Hope you are having a productive weekend!
    ~Kristin @ Always With a Book

  6. Haha, "Create a signature" was one of those things that was NOT on my list, and last night I decided around 11pm that I MUST do it ;) Fairly simple! I need to organize my Twitter, but yikes, what a task! Kudos to you for tackling it!

    Maria @novalibrarymom.com

  7. Just dropping by to see if you're still joining me for the FrightFall read-a-thon. I hope so! Here's the link to the starting line post: http://t.co/yPdSSH3e


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