Where in the World Are You Reading?

I have to admit that I've been spying on this meme for the months that it's been running.  It's been near impossible to participate because I can't seem to find a freakin' cool book store around these parts (unless you consider B&N "ultra cool", which mind you, I dig, but they're the Big C - corporation people NOT Cancer, course, I guess they ARE the Cancer to small indys *le sigh - end ramble).

And yeah, there's been q's about libraries but FOLKS my library DELIVERS.  Holla! I go online, I request an audio book or for realz book and wham bam this is no sham, it arrives ON MY DOOR STEP.  I know.  It's love.

But.  Back to #wwread.  The focus this month was:

Where do you read while waiting.

Fun times, right?

Can you guess where my first spot is?  

I had this awful eye ordeal where they couldn't figure out if it was an infection or allergies.  Dude.  That's what happens when you go to a walk-in because you don't want to take a day off.  You end up taking the day off anyways but paying TWICE as much.  So yeah, the above pic is while I was waiting for Dr. Eye Guy (who happened to be a total jerk and has, I'm sure, lost sight of the reason why he chose medicine - heh....lost sight!)  BTW what is up with medical machines looking so creepy?!

The only other place that I've really been spending a lot of time waitin' and readin' has been here:

Don't worry.  I wasn't driving when taking this picture.  Nor was I actually reading a book.  I was listening to this:

So what were some of the places that you were reading this month?


  1. I hate doctors. My last experience of waiting in an ice cold exam room (without a book) for over an hour has made me never want to go back.

    Listening to Stephen King's IT you are brave. I can watch the movie but I can't read the book. I am not even going to try and listen to it. But I will look out for your review.

    Happy Reading.

  2. YAY! I am so gonna miss Mr. Weber reading to me! (of course, my stupid iPhone breaking its speaker is a big downer, too) but YAY to listening to IT!

  3. I've been doing a lot of waiting in eye doctor's waiting rooms in recent months and it's not even my eye with the problems. But I need to drive my husband when he goes. He seems to be on the healing end of this event -- I hope you get over yours soon, too!

    Joy's Book Blog

  4. Did they dilate your eyes? They always do that to me and I look like I'm hopped up on drugs for HOURS. Plus it makes my vision blurry and I can't read.

    And your library delivers?? I'm so, so, so jealous. If I suggested that to my library they'd probably revoke my card.

  5. I wish my library had an audiobook app, I have to use Audible :P

  6. The eye exam equiment is super strange looking, I have to agree. Maybe King will write a novel about a possessed eye exam chart or something.

  7. I honestly can't believe your library delivers! That just might be the coolest thing ever.

  8. I'm so distracted by the library delivering that I can't focus on the waiting! SO cool.

  9. Your library delivers?! Now the true test of awesomeness is...do they pick up? Because I HATE taking books back to the library. Not because I won't then have them but because I'm the ULTIMATE lazy when it comes to running errands.

  10. A library that delivers? That's fantastic! And here mine is struggling with the budget just to stay open past 5pm more than two nights a week. Argh!

  11. I think you're getting more comments about the fact that your library DELIVERS than about the actual waiting part. That really is so cool though. (Although I think my library would hate me if they did deliver because I max out my holds every week.)

    And I'm sorry about your eyes! I can empathize...my contacts scratched my eyes three times this summer (yes, different pairs) until I finally gave up on them. Hope your eyes are better now!


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