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So, I admit, yesterday I read zilch.  Not intentionally, of course.  I took some medication in the morning which made me uber sleepy and then in the afternoon I met up with a long time out of state friend to see Breaking Dawn 2 and eat fried pickles.  I ended the night watching one of my last episodes of Bones and crashed around 9ish.

This is the stack that I'm working through this weekend:


As you can see I'm TOTALLY on a young adult kick.  (And based on my previous selections that I've already devoured, a dysfic one at that).  

I'm starting Infects this morning which was a total library grab because it's definitely NOT my thing - I'm thinking there are zombies because they're talking about flesh eating camp leaders.  I admit, my impulsiveness resulted in  my love for summer camp themes.  Much like boarding schools, private schools, and college dorms I am trying to fill a void of what I've idealized these notions of self-imposed community of being.  Therefore, if the setting of a novel takes place in any of those environments, I'm totally gonna read it.

Now, looking at the above stack of books I have excellent intentions.  BUT I also have tons of papers to grade - like seriously, I could put them on my scale and I'd say it's gotta be 5 pounds easy - and the normal grocery shopping, house cleaning adult yuckiness.  Damn responsibilities.  

I'll be happy if I can get two of the books and Chopsticks off of that stack by Monday morning.

Oh, and if you're reading this post Saturday, make sure you check up the Kindle Daily Deal today.  Tons of Vonnegut books for 1.99.  What a steal.

FINALLY, I am heartbroken that JR is really dead.  (How's that for randomness!)

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