TSS - How Far Would You Drive?

So, you know how you can like something on facebook, say a page, and then get info about said page in your newsfeed?  Obvs I liked a lot of bookish pages because it's easy to do a quick scroll through when you're at a red light (yes, I **am** one of those people; I admit) and stay up to date with fave authors and releases.

One of the pages keeps me posted on the Pitch Dark authors and specifically they're up and coming tour.  If you're one of us Florida folks you probably accept the fact by now that authors NEVER come our way.  Seriously.  I'm constantly scoping out book signings for my faves and they just don't exist.  I managed to meet a handful one year because Orlando hosted the NCTE conference.  If not for those few days, my hand shakes and listening in on Q&A's would be nearly zilch.

Back to the Dark Days tour.  The first leg will include a stop in Decatur, Georgia which is about a six and a half hour drive.  Completely doable for a fave.  Unfortunately, for those four that are going, it's not worth that sorta mileage for me. (Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand, Tahereh Mafi, and Veronica Rossi). 

But it did get me thinking....how far would I realistically be willing to drive to attend an author signing...and who would the authors be.  Off the top of my head:

Northern Tenn, Eastern NC, and the Middle of Mississippi are all about ten hour excursions.  This would mean an obvious hotel night because I'm long since past the days I can pull twenty-four hour all nighters.  Authors who would fall into this category are: Neil Gaiman, John Green, Libba Bray, Bret Easton Ellis (dude, I have to see just how seriously f'd he is in real life!), Nick Hornby, Jane Yolen, Margo Lanagan, Ali Shaw.

Then there are the authors that I'd dig meeting and could definitely make a day's trip out of the event (read, roundtrip 8 hours).  This is rather UNLIKELY though because it takes me MORE THAN FOUR HOURS to get out of this freakin' state - it's soooooo loooooong.  Okay, but roundtrip authors - Franny Billingsley, Chris Crutcher, Carol Goodman, Adele Griffin, Joe Hill, Tom Laveen, Barry Lyga, Lauren Myracle.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some and I'm not including authors that I have already met.

Regardless, what I realize the most about this train of thought is I need to move to a place more centrally located. 

So what's the farthest you would be willing to drive to see an author and who would that be?


  1. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where we get lots of author visits. So for me the question has never been more than would I drive more than an hour. The answer is no. I wouldn't.

    However, I have flown across county to Washington to see the Vermeer retrospective at the National Gallery and I flew to New York City to see Christo's The Gates installation in Central Park. I even drove almost all the way to Los Angels to see his Umbrellas.

    Once I drove all the way to Portland, Oregon, to visit Powell's Bookstore, so that counts I guess. We stayed in Portland two nights and visited the bookstore at least three times during our visit.

  2. I reckon I'd go as far as necessary to meet some of my absolute favourite authors, but luckily they're mostly dead! But Stephen King, Haruki Murakami, Harper Lee.... I'd go anywhere, I do believe.

    Even though I'd be totally awkward and not know what to say. I'd still go!

  3. Heck - I think it might depend on my state of mind at the time, but I have to say no ore than 2 hours. But - I have driven 90 minutes to Book Expo America (NYC), and back - 2 days straight. I think that's about my limit, and even then, it was many authors in 1 day

    Tanya Patrice

  4. I can't really think of a specific author, but I've driven to Vero Beach from here a few times, lol. Now, I did go to NYC for BEA one year, though that was more for the book bloggy stuff in general; but I don't think I'd do that again. I'd rather save those kind of trips for regular vacation since it costs so much money. Oh, back in the day I drove to West Palm to see Jodi Picoult at a luncheon thing (pre-blogging days). I guess that's probably about as far as I'd go. It's an interesting question though... I'll have to think about this one.. (then again if I can't think of an author off the top of my head I probably wouldn't drive very far for anyone, lol).

  5. I sat staring at this post for several minutes trying to think of any author I'd drive any distance to see, and I couldn't come up with anything. Not because I don't love my authors -- I do, I do -- but because I'm very shy about meeting authors, and if I came off super awkward and weird to someone I'd driven miles and miles to see, it would make me feel way worse than if I came off awkward and weird to someone I'd gone one extra stop on the subway to see. Basically I am shy, is I guess what I'm saying, and I don't think I would have anything cool to say to an author I loved.


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