Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies by Erin Dionne

Title: Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies
Author: Erin Dionne
Pub Date: February 2009
Pages: 243
Genre: Young Adult, Fiction
Rating: 3/5


Celeste's life has taken a downward spiral. First, she is a bridesmaid in her cousin's wedding and must endure squeezing into this hideous peach lacy dress, that she fondly refers to as the Monstrosity. Then, as if it isn't already painful dealing with popular Lively's fat jokes through out the day, Celeste's best friend, Sandra, goes to the darkside and joins the in-crowd. As if life couldn't get worse, her dear Aunt Doreen, unbeknownst to Celeste, enters her in a model competition - the Husky Peach. Hmmm...can you guess what type of models their looking for?
Celeste is mortified! The last thing she wants to be is a "big girl" model. What if anyone found out? If she thinks she gets ridiculed now, just wait if that news leaked. Thinking quick on her feet, Celeste does the first thing that comes to mind, she diets. Sure she loves her cookies and Aunt Doreen's Butterscotch Apple Crumb Cake, but giving it up for now is for a good cause - what's left of her dignity.

My Thoughts

This was a whimsical purchase while at the Scholastic Warehouse, and honestly, Model's Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies was a quick and fun, if not a bit predictable read. Celeste is a believable character, and I think relatable. One scene stands out in particular. After just finding out that she's been entered in the Husky Peach, Celeste stumbles upon one of those "drink this wacky mixture" fad diet drinks in her mom's magazine. Home alone, she decides to create the beverage, but she doesn't have all of the ingredients. That of course doesn't stop her. After all, is there really much of a difference between tomato paste and tomato juice? You can see where this leads, right? This awful concoction makes her retch. And it's a good laugh.

Still, I wasn't surprised at any point of the book. It moved along in a reasonable fashion, but the best that I can compare it to would be an episode of Saved by the Bell. The show's fun and cute, you might even giggle when Slater makes a "piggish" joke to Jessi, and sure you'll stick around after the commercial break, but you know that you're not going to really tear up with Zack and Kelly break up. Yup that's it! I liked Models; I just didn't feel any attachment to the characters.

This is Erin Dionne's debut, but from her cute website, it shows that she's in the process of getting another one out. Although this one didn't move mountains for me, I'll definitely give it another go and check out her next book.
[Side Note: I also think it's cool that she lists books that she's just finished on her blog.]


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