About Me

Shhh! I'm reading.
I have always been a voracious reader. In fact,  I remember taking trips to the library as a kid and bringing home bags of picture books and chapter books. My reading proved to be such an expense that Mom would only take me to "real" bookstores to purchase new books on special occassions. I did, however, frequent the used bookstores biweekly by the time I was in middle school. 

I never knew the book blogging community existed, until one day I was swiftly jumping from sites to sites when a whole new world opened up.(1)  I really wanted to start one, but was hesitant.  I'm not very good with long term follow through.  I finally decided to say what the hell, and in 2009 (I think?), Reading Thru The Night(2) began.

Currently I'm in my thirties and a middle school teacher.  I love office school supplies and Johnny Depp(3). 

I act way younger than I probably should, which means I might be caught painting my finger nails alternating florescent colors or jamming out to some teenybop pop music.  I'm also known for pointing to something imaginary on your shirt, asking "what's that", and then upon you looking down, I WILL flick your nose.  

Although I take myself not-so-seriously, there are many things that I hold sacred.  My relationship, my kitties, and my community.  I'm an advocate for literacy and diversity.  

Oh, and I'm hella serious about my books and reading.

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Email me.  I love to chat!  c (dot) beumer (at) gmail (dot) com

(1) Duuuudddeee!  How'd it take me so long to find the book blogging community.  I mean FOR REALZ!
(2) I opted for the title RTTN because I used to spend most evenings huddled in my bed begging mom to let me read for just another hour or until the chapter ended.  Coming up with blog name is difficult, man.
(3) JD does not know this, but he is currently my 'co-teacher' in the classroom.  I'm okay with the kids calling me Mrs. Depp.  As the yearbook advisor, it's been really difficult not inserting that last name next to my picture.