The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Title: The Graveyard Book
Author: Neil Gaiman
Country: US (2008)
Pages: 320 
Genre: Young Adult
Challenges: DreamKing, YA
Grade: ****

I feel as though I am one of the few that was not blown away by The Graveyard Book, especially since it just won the Newbery (and a huge congrats for that!)  Here's the thing though - it's not that I didn't enjoy the book, because I did.  In fact, I read it in a day because (a) it's an easy read and (b) it held my interest.  I just wasn't gushing immediately after putting it down.  For one thing, I think that I had heard so much hype about the book, the standard was raised so high that it would probably have been unlikely to reach.  Also, I'm still soaring from reading Coroline a few months back, and quite honestly, Bod just doesn't compare to the character that Gaiman crafted when he brought Coroline to life.  

The Graveyard Book, for the rare few that might not have heard about it yet, is the story of Nobody "Bod" Owens and his life living (you guessed it) in a graveyard.  As he grows up he befriends both living, dead, and even in-between people. He learns ghostly tricks such as how to haunt, or create a feeling of fear and dread out of nowhere. He goes to school and challenges a bunch of bullies.  Bod even meets a young human girl who he befriends twice at different stages in his life.  There's mystery and darkness and humor and light.  The Graveyard Book is an enjoyable read.  

Some parts dwelled a bit too long for me, but Gaiman's voice is both tantalizing and descriptive enough that I could move through those passages and quickly get drawn back in.  Gaiman has crafted the art of showing not telling quite well.  As the reader, you kind of feel like you know what's gonna happen, or who that character is, but you're still pulled along "carrot dangling in front" for a few pages before your speculation is confirmed. (For those who have read it, the appearance of the dog in the graveyard for example).

I did find some cool covers when I was googling the cover for this post.  Check them out:


  1. I'm wondering if I'm the last person to read Gaiman! My daughter and I are reading Coraline right now and are really enjoying it. I think I might read this one, too.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  2. Oooh, Coroline is my favorite. I adore that book. Treasure it. :)

    (Hopefully I'll be seeing the movie next Friday!)

  3. I started watching Neil read The Graveyard Book during last year's 24-Hour-Read-a-thon, and I still haven't finished. I really need to get on that. I liked what I heard, though, and it's still sitting in my TBR pile.

    I'm going to see Coraline tonight with some friends. I'm so excited about this movie!

  4. jessi - how was Coroline? Was it great? Fabulous? Were you most impressed? Ugh. Or was it awful??

    I don't know if I want you to answer or not.

    Oh yes I do. Please tell. I'm going this Friday and am dying to know!!!


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