Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

Title: Pride & Prejudice
Author: Jane Austen
Pub Date: 1813
Pages: 334
Genre: Literature; Classics
Rating: 4.5

I finally finished!  I finally finished!  As I mentioned in a couple of posts, I could not figure out why I was having such trouble finishing the novel.  I think that I spent almost two weeks with Elizabeth.  It troubled me only because I couldn't really put my finger on why there was a delay.  I enjoyed reading it, and while nose in book, I was with Elizabeth and society.  But when I put the book aside, I could easily let it rest for a full day without picking it up again.  I never had the drive to spend the night staying up to find out what was going to happen to Jane, Elizabeth, or bratty Lydia.   Instead, reading Pride & Prejudice was like taking a break from the day and walking through the park on a breezy spring day.  I wasn't rushed, or pushed, or pulled; rather I was relaxed, meditative, warm.  I understand why Austen's books are referred to as 'comfort books'.

Overall thoughts
I'm skipping the synopsis since I'm going to assume that almost everyone else in the world has read this.  Instead, I'm just going to share some thoughts:
  • It took me a while to keep up with all of the characters.  Even now, there are some people that I just kind of went with the flow and kept reading because it was tiresome trying to hunt down when they were introduced, whether they were friends, family, or random others in society.
  • I loved Elizabeth.  She was so witty and bright.  I adored the underhanded comments and the dignified insults.  How I wish I had such command of the English language.  Not that I would go around insulting people left and right.  But still, it would come in handy.  Usually I'm a fluster-er and have 'that perfect comment' hours later.
  • Lydia is so frustrating. I wanted to slap her.  I couldn't help it.  Why couldn't she have as much decorum as Elizabeth?  
  • I felt for Mr. Bennet when Elizabeth moved away, even though Austen didn't spend countless conversations to show the father/daughter relationship, you could really tell that Mr. Bennet felt the closest to Lizzy.
  • Okay, I was a bit frustrated when (let's say...)Jane is speaking to Eliza and she goes "my mom" or "my aunt" when it's Eliza's mom and aunt too.  Why not use "our"???
  • And Darcy, what's left to be said.  I mean, there are fan groups based solely on this character?!  He's frustrating and adoring all rolled into one.  When he detours Bingley I wanted to chastise him for being so overprotective, and yet I could appreciate where he was coming from and thinking him such a good friend! 
Favorite quote:
"There are few people whom I really love and still fewer of whom I think well. The more I see the world, the more am I dissatisfied with it and every day confirms my belief of the inconsistency of all human characters, and of the little dependence that can be placed on the appearance of either merit or sense." ~ Elizabeth Bennet 

Question - I would really like to watch a film adaptation.  But which one?  Colin Firth or Keira Knightley


  1. Hooray for finishing! I like your bullet-point method in your review - it makes it quick and easy to read your thoughts. I noticed the "my mom" thing, too, but I assumed it was just the manner of speaking in those times. I'm all about the collective, too, though. Hmm, and as for the film adaptations.. I liked the Colin Firth version better overall, but I loved the way the Kiera Knightley version ended, even though the ending was nothing like the book. I think both are worth watching.

  2. Thanks Charley! I think I will check out both. (I'm hoping to start Persuasion next week as well).

  3. The writing is so different from modern fiction. That might be a reason for the long time in reading also.

    Thanks for being part of the 9 for '09 challenge.


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