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Hey guys! I hope everyone has been enjoying post-BBAW (which was super fun and I only wished my schedule didn't take away my blogging time).
Oh which brings me to the subject matter of this post. Man alive, I haven't been reading. I mean, barely anything.
I've had Boy Meets Boy on my night stand for two weeks now. Amanda, I'm soooo lovin' it. I just wish that I could finish it.
Bottom line is I cannot ask for advice on how to read more. I know that has to be me and the ME right now is just not finding what it takes to read.
So my next important question is, how do you manage your blogroll. I think many of us bookbloggers keep up to 100+ book blogs on our feeder. How do you organize yours? Do you have daily read, weekly read, whenever I can reads? And if so, within those reads, how many bloggers usually fit? Do you only have, say, 25 in the I-read-this-no-matter-what-blog? And if you become uber busy, do you just delete all the others in the whenever I can read? I'm looking for a system that works for me, and figure I should try now while it's still Fall.
Would love to hear various answers. Let 'em roll bloggers!


  1. I do have my blog reader organized into folders: the ones where I read every post, the ones where I read most posts, and the ones that I like to keep on my radar but don't read all the time. I'm guessing each has 30-50 blogs.

    I reserve the must-read folder for when I actually have time to read and comment (most evenings after work). I'll look at the other two when I have a few minutes to spare but not time to read. I just skim the headers and star the posts I actually want to read or commnent on and come back to those later. Skimming is key, and keeping the blogs I tend to skim together makes it easier.

    That's been working for me so far, although I added several blogs to my reader during BBAW and am a bit worried that the whole system will collapse. We'll see :)

  2. So first of all, I organize by favorites, general, authors, and a couple other categories. Favorites and authors usually get precedence. The most important thing I do when my reader is really full, though, is to go blog by blog. I go to the category I want to work on, and click on each blog at a time. Read the posts that interest me, mark the rest as read, and move on. It is AMAZING how much faster you can get through them like that. Alternatively, instead of just reading a few, show the expanded post instead of the list, skim through all the posts in a blog only stopping on the interesting ones.

  3. I follow about 125-140 book blogs right now, and they are normally divided into 4 folders: high priority, medium, low, and new blogs. Right now there's a 5th folder for new blogs from BBAW but eventually that one will go away.

    First thing in the mornign when I open my feeder, I automatically look for all those posts I won't read or comment on. Like memes. I mark all those as read unless something in particular stands out. Then I start with the new blogs and skim posts one by one. If nothing stands out, I let it go as read. If something catches my eye, I mark it as unread again and come back later.

    From there, I move to low priority blogs, then medium, then high, all with the same progress. At the end, there's often nothing left in my low level folder, a couple in the midlevel and new folders, and quite a bit in the high level. I go back to comment on all those posts as I have time.

    It's easier for me as a stay at home mom with a lot of time on my hands. I can get my reader down to 0 on a daily basis. I imagine this would be torture if I had a job.

    I hope you find a system that works for you, Christina! And I'm glad you're enjoying the book even if it's taking you awhile. :)

  4. I have no system at all and am facing complete meltdown blog wise. AARGH! I will make a note of this post and keep coming back to help me get organised. Feeling rather overwhelmed at the moment.

  5. Mine is organized mostly like Teresa and I do what she does: save my favourites folder for when I have plenty of time, and skim/star the rest. But even following this method things are becoming impossibly overwhelming. I really should unsubscribe from some :/


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