Sunday Salon (Monogamy)

Hey there Sunday Saloners. I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. If you are in Florida, chances are you have locked yourself indoors with the air conditioner blasting. We're looking at near-record highs again - 94 degrees! I lie not. I am envious of all those in regions where you can feel the season change. I'm still hanging out on my couch in a tank and shorts praying that I might be able to bring a sweater into my wardrobe at some point in 2009.
Unfortunately my desire to stay away from the great outodoors in this heat has not increased my reading time. In fact, since I've been in the classroom I have sounded like a broken record - "I'm not reading nearly as much as I used to. Wahhh!" While in my own pity party, I considered why I was in such a slump. (I can only allow myself to use the excuse, "I'm sooo busy" just so often before it even wears on me. I realize that I make a choice to watch the tele or play Wii rather than read to de-stress).
What's around with a bookmark?

Weekends at Bellevue by Julie Holland - I received this from LT's Early Reviewers and actually squealed when it arrived at my house months ago. It's the story of lead psychiatrist, Dr. Holland, and her experiences working at one of the most well-known psych units. I've been reading this right before I go to bed, therefore by the time I get to it I only manage to read a couple of pages before I am O.U.T.
The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman - This is a beautiful graphic novel that I checked out at my library. I have no idea how I found it (perusing through the web one day?) I'm a really lucky girl because my library carries a lot of graphic novels. I've been savoring this one because, not only is the writing stream of consciousness - which I love, the artwork is a combination of illustrations and mixed media. Super cool!
The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan - I checked this book out of my school library so I would have something to read along with the kids. (As much as I would love to read the whole day away with the kids for Friday's DEAR, realistically I just can't. Still, I like to alternative periods so they can see me read as well. Modeling works!). This book is wicked cool. I'm slowly falling in love with dystopian fiction again and this one has zombies. Hell to the yah!

So what's my problem?

I mean really? What *is* my problem. I have three outstanding books at my fingertips and yet I cannot seem to fall in "reading" mode. I'm wondering if it has something to do with my lack of commitment to just one book? (Ah, I was going to tie in monogamy!) I used to like to think of myself as a multitasking reader, but what I found was that simply isn't true. Sure I might start a couple of books a few days a part from each other, but I would rarely move in and out of them seamlessly like television shows. My scenarios usually went something like this: find a book that interest me, begin reading some pages. Find another book that interests me even more, read a couple of pages. Get some books from the library, pick one up in the car, begin reading third book a few pages in. Eventually one captivates me and I finish it in its entirety and then move back to one of the other books that I started until that one i finished, etc. So you see, that's not really flip-flopping. At heart, I'm a serial monogamist. I am wondering if my lack of commitment to any one book is bringing me down.
I'm also curious if I can give up this monogamy. I mean, I had to in college. I was taking anywhere to four or five lit classes: Survey of Lit, Shakespeare, PostMod, 18th Century Poetry & Prose; I had to multi-task. I will take in consideration that my brain was potentially functioning quicker than it is these days (I feel as though I have too much clutter going on right now), and there is nothing more inspiring than sitting in classes filled with others who have a passion to read and discuss (which is why I heart book blogging!). I get that. But damn if I wish I could capture that sort of unchaste reading snogging.

In order to (a) assure that I read more than 3 books this month and (b) practice the fine art of book juggling, I've signed up for Dewey's 24 Hour Read-A-Thon . This will be my first time participating as a reader; last year I cheered and in between errands and Life I managed to stop by nearly everyone's blog once. I had so much fun and met so many cool people. I'm super excited.
I don't have a list just yet. The decision to join was rather two seconds ago! But my bookshelves are getting a bit insane, so this might be just the right opportunity for me to organize and stack.
My biggest challenge? My SO is so not a reader. Making sure that I am locked away for the 24 hours might be a problem. Luckily it's football season so I think I can make arrangements.


  1. You think you're jealous, but our seasons are changing TOO fast, we seem to be skipping October and going straight to late-November. It is still below freezing in Chicago this morning, although it may get up to the mid-40s.

  2. Good luck with the readathon, I hope it brings you out of your reading slump.

  3. Can't wait to see you at Readathon! Reading slumps are awful, I know. :(

  4. From one serial monogamist reader to another - we are more normal than those tripping from one to the other commitment phobes. :) At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    And my SO, Mr. T, isn't a reader either, so we've been having "the talk" about how he is going to leave me alone, not be annoying, and perhaps even go out with the guys that night. Just be sure to keep saying "you know I love you but" during these conversations. :)

  5. Have fun participating in the readathon. I'm really looking forward to it -- it's such a fun event.


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