Title: Chiggers
Author: Hope Larson
Pub Date: 2008
Pages: 170
Genre: Graphic Novel, Young Adult
Challenge: Graphic Novel

I never went to camps when I was a kid. At least not the type of camps where you were dropped off for a solid week, two, or even a month and stayed in a cabin with a bunch of girls and did campy things like wilderness hikes, swims in the lakes, and arts & crafts. We had camps, like Vacation Bible School, where we went daily. Or YMCA camps, also a daily-drop-off-in-the-morning-pick-up-afternoon.

This book was kind of neat because it really did capture the feel of camp life. The friendships were slightly a bit superficial and deep all at the same time (which I believe can only happen when you spend two straight weeks with someone even though you're not going to see them ever again, or if you do, it'll be a year later). Plus, I liked the hint of a romance going on between two of the characters.

My only biggest gripe? There are some graphic books that work fine as black and white, and in some cases, work better. This one, however, would have been more enjoyable if it was in color. Quite honestly, the first half of the book the characters bled together. I mean, they really did kinda look the same to me. It wasn't until the "new girl" who got struck by lightning brought a bit of change to the scenery. Her dark long hair, maybe?

I really wanted to enjoy this book more than what I did. And it wasn't that I hated it. I didn't. It just so happened that I was more on the "eh" fence of things. It was a quick read, though, so I'd still give it a shot. I took a bubble bath and finished it before the water got cold! If you do read it (or have) drop me a line and let me know. I'd love to hear your impressions.

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