The Survivor's Club

Title: The Survivor's Club - The Secrets and Science that Could Save Your Life
Author: Ben Sherwood
Pub Date: 2010
Pages: 373
Genre: Non Fiction, Sociology, Science
Disclosure: Received from LT Early Review

"Survival is also a lens, a way of perceiving the world around you." (8)

How many of ya'll loved some MacGyver? (Am I totally dated myself on this one?) I try to think of a man more versatile - or even relatively close - to the handyman god that is MacGyver, but alas nothing comes to mind. I mean, who else could manage to make an escape plan with a paper clip, a piece of twine, some duct tape (duct tape really is a lifesaver, yes?) and a lighter? I swear, he was the man all men strove to be - ya'know, *that* guy.

That's what this book sorta reminds me of, but for laypeeps like myself who wanna know the best chances I've got surviving a plane crash (did you know first class is not the way to go?) or exactly how low can my body temperature drop before I bite the big one (91 degrees you're gonna be hallucinating and seeing white rabbis; 88 degrees you won't even shiver any more; 80 degrees you're gonna meet your maker).

The books is set up nicely, with relatively short chapters interspersed with tales of survival from a wide variety of individuals. Some famous (Elie Wiesel and Trisha Meili) as well as just normal folk like you and me caught in real messed up situations. There are stories of POWs and why some made it and others didn't; questions of faith and how that affects your lifeline; and what happens to our brains when those stressors hit.

Seriously. There's a bit of everything for everyone.

What's pretty nice also is the language of the book. Folks, it didn't make me feel stupid. You know, how there are some books out there, and you might really dig the topic but then they go way over your head or the writing is super cerebral and untouchable? This book isn't! It's as down home as southern grits. Plus there were so many possibilities that the book brought up, my brain was able to take all of these nifty turns in discovery at a nice speed.

The only downside? Some chapters had too many stories and not enough details of the narration. I would have liked more in depth development rather than three or four narratives thrown in the mix. Still, that's not much to gripe about.

Oh, oh, and OH! You can also take this fabulous analysis online (and have your information used for studies, which I'm all about) to find out what your Survival Profile is (you know, when in a crisis, what's your asset).

I'm a Connector which means: "You overcome incredible adversity by harnessing and mobilizing the power of your relationships and bonds with other people." And my top three survivor tools? Empathy, Love, and Hope. I knew my Pollyanna spirit could help me. Er, Pollyanna with a touch of sarcasm sure, but I'm comfortable with that.

And finally, I leave you with something that I'd like to eventually memorize. It's the Rule of Three.

You cannot survive
  • 3 seconds without spirit and hope
  • 3 minutes without air
  • 3 hours without shelter in extreme conditions
  • 3 days without water
  • 3 weeks without food
  • 3 months without companionship or love (128)


  1. I LOVE MacGyver! My mom always made us watch it when we were younger so that we could "learn." Hahaha. I like the rule of three, too, though I think many people live without hope for more than three seconds and 3 months without companionship.

  2. Awesome awesome awesome! Gotta read this one! :D And I loved MacGyver too.

  3. And apparently, I'm a realist. :)

    Your Survivor Type: Realist

    You know that life is hard so you face facts and do whatever is efficient and effective to achieve your goals.

  4. I've been wanting to read this. Off to take the quiz...


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