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Hey Saloners! This is going to be a short and sweet Sunday Salon (a) because I went out last nite and (b) it's not so much book related and much as blog related.

The topic....(drum roll please) is COMMENTS! (Oh yeah, you probably got that from the header, eh?).

I need your thoughts on the subject. Not so much how many blogs do you try to comment on or how important comments are to you (uh, hello, we're bloggers. We're writing for ourselves AND our audience love of course). But my question is: Do you respond back to the comments that people have left you. Even if it's just a "Hey thanks for stopping by." or "LOL" or "I totally agree" or - you get my drift right?

I don't usually respond to the comments people make to me because I assume that most don't come back to the blog to SEE if I've responded. But, I notice that many of you will still leave messages back. Is there a etiquette that I'm missing? When do you respond and when don't you? Does it bother you when the blogger doesn't acknowledge your comments back?

And, if you're desperately interested in commenting on other posts of mine than this one, I'm truly interested on your thoughts with both of these topics:

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  1. I try really hard to respond to comments on my blog, but sometimes it's hard. However, I posted a TSS about this a while ago and it seemed that consensus was- no, most people don't go back to check if there are responses, but most people like to respond, anyway ;-)

  2. Great topic because I've been thinking a lot about comments this week. I am really trying to respond to all the comments left on my blog and am doing it once a day (well, it's summer so sometimes it's twice a day). I do it even though they may not check back.

    When I leave a comment, I check "let me know about follow up comments" when I am interested in the topic or hope that the blogger will respond. If I am just giving my opinion on a book I usually don't check back. For example, I'll "subscribe" to comments on this post to see what everyone thinks!

  3. I like getting responses for comments. If a blogger isn't responding back OR coming to comment on my blog OR emailing responses, then I think they're not interested in interacting with bloggers. Even if I never see their response to me, if I see they're responding to comments then I know they're interacting. If I have a comment I really want a response to, like a question, I'll subscribe to f/u comments.

    Ironically, I posted about this exactly same topic today on my Salon...

  4. I'm curious about comment etiquette, too. I like to respond to all comments, partly for my own benefit. I find that responding to a fellow blogger by name and in writing helps me to remember who is stopping by. I am not bothered, though, when a fellow blogger does not respond to my comment on their blog.

  5. If I know a person responds to comments I always subscribe (see that button below that says "email follow-up comments to..."). I usually just delete the other comments left until the blogger responds and then I unsubscribe.

    I try to respond to comments on my blog and sometimes time allows for this and sometimes not. Sometimes there's no need to respond to comments (like when I cut my hair and people commented that they liked it...how many different ways can you say "thanks!"). :)

    To me responding to comments creates a kind of interaction, even if it's just to acknowledge that you read the comments and agree/disagree. Sometime I wonder if anyone actually reads the follow ups, but mostly I don't dwell on it too much as I like responding if time permits.

    I do, however, wish that more people had their email address linked to their Blogger profile so that if I can't respond in the comments I can send a quick email. Sadly most bloggers don't have their emails linked.

    Sorry for the long comment--this is an interesting topic for me.

  6. I try to, as interaction does matter to me, but I'm been dropping the ball really often these days :\

  7. I get frustrated if a blogger never responds to my comments. When I comment, there is almost always a box for me to click to be e-mailed updates. That is how I know if you respond because I will see your name. A few blogs don't have this option and it irritates me b/c you're right, no way I can remember to return to that specific post on however many blogs. But yes, I do try to respond to every comment. If I don't it's b/c I forgot to or got so crazy busy and figure by the time I could get to it the commenter wouldn't care, lol.

  8. I respond to comments on my blog, and if I've left a substantive comment on someone else's blog (something more than saying I liked your review and want to read this book), I often go back to see if the blogger responded to me. I like it when they do! :)

  9. Wow! I am so pleased with this response and I think that everyone has persuaded me to attempting responding to all of the great comments that I get.

    @Aarti - Thanks, that's what I thought!

    @ Helen - I rarely check back either unless i'm interested in the topic and want to see other people's comments as well.

    @Amanda - I'm glad you shared this with me. I'd hate for you to think that I've never appreciated your comments or thoughts!

    @Charley - I think that is the best reason why I've heard to respond to comments. It definitely allows me to have a "name to face" association to to speak.

    @Trish - Hahaha, I never even paid attention to that button!

    @Ana - I really like the interaction part as well. :)

    @Jenny - I think you feel similar to Amanda? I'm glad I brought this topic up!

    @Jenny - I definitely check back if I've left a substantive comment to.

  10. I try to always respond to my comments, but I've been failing so bad lately :( I don't know how many people actually come back and check the comments on my blog, but I LOVE that interaction in the comments :) I used to be really good about answering every comment...now sometimes it takes me days to get back to people :/

  11. I do respond back, but I have a couple of bloggers who I subscribe to the comments in an email form because I know they'll respond back. In that way, I know I have an open conversation about a book with them, and I love it. I suppose it depends. We can't do it with every blog we follow, but I can say that I've gone back to check on their responses from time to time. I like that interaction, and you never know when someone subscribes to a conversation!

  12. It is not easy to respond to comments on Blogger IMO, like it is on Wordpress.

    If someone asks me a direct question in a comment, I always respond, but general comments - not always. I do make it a point to visit the blogs (and comment) to people who took the time to visit my blog and comment.

    great topic

  13. I definitely try to respond to every comment (and visit the blogs of the people who comment), because I think it shows my appreciation and helps with discussion. Most of the time, if I ask someone a question in my reply, they come back and answer it, which leads me to believe they must follow up! lol

  14. I respond to all comments...or try to. I've been surprised by how many people really do come back to follow up.

    Happy Salon!

  15. I respond to 98% of the comments left on my blog. As for getting responses to the comments I leave, I only care if we are having an actual discussion. :)

  16. Chris - It really never occurred to me that I wasn't interacting since I try to comment frequently. I am working on responding now though!

    Becky - I check responses if I have asked a question or I am interested in other comments. I just find that blogger is not very conducive to the whole comment thing!

    Bibliophile - I agree 100% about liking wordpress better. I'm considering actually getting my own domain. *da dum* (!)(!)

    Eva - very good point! :)

    Andi - I think I"m sold on responding.

    Trisha - I generally bookmark the posts where a discussion is taking place. I'm bad at subscribing to the comments.

  17. I alaways try to respond because I know some pople to come back.


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