TSS: Housecleaning

Good grief bloggers! Did you know and can you believe that we are almost at the midway point for November? *gasp* That means that December is right around the corner. You know, as in "tis the season"-fruitcakes-and-caroling-and shopping-and-card-writing-and-gift-wrapping.

And then it's NEW YEARS. Which, I'm sure general population views the day as a day of recovering from mad over-drinking and late night partying, but where I view it as the day where I figure out my bookish goals, debate which challenges I really shouldn't sign up for because I don't have time to do them all but they all look like so much fun I end up doing so anyways and never learn, and contemplate which book I'm going to read first for 2011.

Therefore, I thought it was time for me to do a bit of housecleaning BEFORE the event. You know, like, a list of things I'd like to accomplish before December 31st strikes midnight and 2010 is nothing but a year in the past.

Here's what I can think of so far:

1. Examine all of the books that I put on my LT's "want to read" list and weed out books that I either (a) cannot remember why I put them on there or (b) realize were whimsical based on the mood I was in but will probably not revisit.

2. Merge my reviews here at Reading Through The Night with the books on my LT account. Essentially this just means a lot of copy and pasting work.

3. Update my alphabetical list of the books that I've been reviewing here at RttN.

4. Have all of the books I've read in 2010 reviewed before the clock strikes 2011. (I realize that I tend to procrastinate my book reviewing. I will not bombard my blog with multiple posts and will continue to future-date some reviews).

5. Create a page where I keep a list of all of my Sunday Salon topics for easier access when I want to go down memory lane.

6. Assess all of my challenges and cry a river when I realize that I forgot about completing over half of them.

7. Construct a best of and worst of list for the new year.

8. Formally create my 2011 reading resolutions after I examining 2010's.

Aiiigght. I think that pretty much covers the my general mindspace for the next few weeks. I'd also like to have some organization for 2011 here on the blog but haven't fleshed that out yet. I tend to fail if I'm too restricted and so far I've been pretty impressed with my commitment to this here ole blog.

Did I forget anything? What's going on with you as you wrap up 2010?


  1. Oh my gosh - that idea about the Sunday Salon page is brilliant!!!!! I'm so going to do that!!

    Good luck with all your stuff. Taking books off the TBR/wishlist is extremely liberating for me!!

  2. I will be putting together a favorite reads of 2010 list as well as culling my TBR shelf.

    Oh, there's also quite a bit of house-cleaning that needs to be done.

  3. Good luck with all of your end of the year goals! I'm usually not successful at reviewing all of the books I've read before the calendar switches over. :)

  4. I'm impressed with your goals. Very best of luck with those!

    Plus, I love the picture. It precisely reflects my views on cleaning.

  5. My blog is in dire need of housekeeping. I haven't updated my index in months! I'm an embarrassment for future librarians everywhere :P Best of luck with your goals, Christina!

  6. I have tons of things I should be doing, but I think it will have to wait until next summer when I have more time.

  7. aaahh it's almost 2011 don't remind me D:

    your goals are great. I should really think about making some of my own lol reading resolutions sounds interesting... hmm.

  8. Zoinks! It is that time of year isn't it? I've been rethinking my approach to reading challenges for 2011, and I guess I better start kicking that around ... it will be here before I know.

    Good luck with your plans. You've inspired me to think about these things as well.

  9. I'm working on graduating from school. That means I have lots of studying to do and even less time to read :(

    However, once I do finish Dec. 21, I will have months of free time to read tons and tons of books :D

    Maybe I'll check into your suggestions once I get through my "To Read" list :D

  10. Good luck getting through your list. I've got some housekeeping chores that need attention, too - mostly best of lists, examining 2010, and goals for 2011.

  11. Amanda - Run with the idea. :D

    CB - There's always housecleaning, I suppose!

    Alyce - I"ll be surprised if I manage to review everything before the end of the year either. But I'm gonna try.

    Jenny - ME TOO! LOL

    Ana - Thanks!

    Readerbuzz - I hear ya. My blog is always more up-to-date when it's summertime!

    Jenners - I can't believe how quickly this year went by.

    Dan - I remember those days, Dan. Good luck!

    JoAnn - I have to admit, I love the end of the year best of lists from everyone. :D


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