Friday Five - Reading Resolutions

Happpy New Yeeeaaarrr'ssss!

(I'm practicing ya'll!)

I already shared how well I did with this year's resolutions (one outta three ain't bad?!?) and am now prepared to reveal my goals for 2011.  Drum roll please!

1.  Short Stories - Do you know that I only read one book that had a collection of short stories in it.  I just don't vibe well with short stories.  And I constantly hear the merit of them.  I mean, hell, they have full on books collecting short stories that were overlooked but just as awesome (thank you david eggers, or is it dave sedaris?) I'm not going to state on how many short stories I'd like to read (52) or stress how often I'd like to read them (once a week).  Nope.  I will be content if I read more than ten (lie).

2. Read from my own shelves - Uh, did anyone else notice that my TBR books nearly DOUBLED this year?  I swear a changeling must have taken over because that is absolutely outrageous and impossible.  (Much appreciation for Desilily who is allowing me to use my teachery status as a justification).  Yeah, the number must drop.  I'm bordering on reckless.  I'm like a chain smoker except I will die a painful death of papercuts from perusing through so many books.  By the end of 2011 I'd like to see this number drop.  If not, I'm afraid that I really will have to move out of my home because there just won't be room.

3. Pictures - I'd like this bloggy to be a wee bit more personal than what it has been.  After all, I write because sure, I have a terrible memory, and it definitely helps organize my thoughts on what I've read BUT I write also for the community spirit.  I love chatting it up with other bibliophiles. It makes me feel less neurotic about my lurve for books.  Librolove?  Can I get a bottle of used bookstore smell, please?!  Yes, so back to being personable without freaky (many apologies there folks).  I'm terrible with posting pictures.  Sure i went to HP World ala Universal.  You wouldn't believe me though, huh.  Know why?!  There are no pictures.  Sure I have three cats.  Want proof?  Too bad.  Won't find any pictures here.  You see what I'm sayin?  Plus, since I always use an image for the book that I'm reviewing, I'd like to take some of them myself.  Just sayin'.

4.  Challenges - *le sigh*  This usually opens with the "Hi my name is christina and I'm a reading/challenge addict".  I'm trying not to be this year.  I've only signed up for three OFFICIAL challenges (Victorian, Classics, GLBT).  There is of course the TBR Dare, but I'm quite ready to focus in on the DARE part.  ;-)

5.  Read Alongs - Ya'll I'm finishing up my second year blogging and I have yet to participate in ANY read alongs.  This year will change that.  I'm really looking forward to building discussions around books.  Let's face it, I still pine for my college years for this reason alone.  All of my read alongs will have their buttons and links on the right hand column.  Check them out and join in.

Aiight!  There goes it.  Last year I met one outta three of my goals; this year, let's hope for meeting them all.


  1. lol you're welcome! lol.. I'm a photo freak so be careful with photo's after a while you can't seem to post without them!

    good luck with the challenges.. my tbr pile has gone down a few times only to come back with a vengence!!!

  2. It's not a challenge; it's a dare. ;=)

    Happy New Year.

  3. Good luck to you! I increased my pictures in 2010 and really enjoyed that goal! :)

  4. I wish you luck with your 2011 goals. Pictures would be nice, but I understand how easy it is to just talk about things and not necessarily "show and tell" them.

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year! Hope 2011 is filled with joy and lots of great reading!!

  5. I swear that I might as well cut and paste this post to my blog. We have the same goals!! I didn't read ANY short story collections or poetry collections. Good luck on your goals. Happy New Year!

  6. Good luck with your reading resolutions... I've pretty much made all the same ones :-)

  7. I'm a challenge addict as well. I think I already have like 10 for 2011, and I'm committing right and left to readalongs. It's a problem. :)

  8. Oh, readalongs are fun, too. I hope you get to participate in some fun ones! :) Happy New Year!


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