I Drink for a Reason

Title: I Drink for a Reason
Author: David Cross
Pub: Hatchette Book Group; 2009
Pages: 236
Genre: Humor, Essays(ish?)

ZOMG.  David Cross, yo! Like *THE* David Cross.  And it's a collection of what he has to say about stuff and all.  Hysterical, people.  Freakin' hysterical.  I love this man.

I really don't know what else to do other than share some of the mighty words of humor that Cross bestowed upon us in this little gem.  It's funny.  If you're bored (or not); if you're sad (or not); if you're drunk (or not) I highly recommend reading his book.

"Next time (and every time) you are in a hotel/motel/Holiday Inn (say what?!?), take the Bible and inscribe, "Best Wishes, [Your Name Here]." Then make notes randomly throughout the book, circling passages and writing things like, "WTF?! Is this for reals? Bullshit!" etc." (144)

Parting words: "Deja vu is just teh lazy man's version of telling the future." (129)


  1. I love love love David Cross. I'll have to keep an eye out for this!

    We've been watching his "The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret" and it's been fun seeing him again.

  2. I heart the title of this book - LOL!

  3. David Cross! I love him! He cracks me up in Arrested Development, while also making me feel very, very sad. AND I love that excerpt about the Bibles in hotel rooms.

  4. Oh no! I feel like an idiot for not knowing who David Cross is! Guess I need to amend that before checking into the book. Wonder if this would translate well on audio?


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