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I have this folder in my bookmarks marked "to blog" and essentially it is there for me to store links of bookish items that I'd like to blog about.

'Course, because it's me, it rarely happens. So, I thought I'd do some winter cleaning and share the links here in one large(ish) post.

  • 17 Unusual Book Titles brought to you be Discovery. - I thought this was just plain funny. It's a list of for realz books that made me lolz because the titles are just that unusual.

  • The Twenty Science Fiction Novels that Will Change Your Life - I took a science fiction class in college because I knew it was not a genre that I would generally run toward in the bookstore or library. Even then, I wanted to find myself outside of my comfort zone. I found this list and eventually wanted to read through them. (To date, I've only read two!)

  • Ulysses "seen"- Okay, I admit, I've never read Ulysses. There's a huge part of me that could care less if I read it or not. (I know, I know). This link caught my interest 'cuz I thought...just maybe

  • The Top 100 Books Every Woman Should Read - I admit it, I love lists. I love reading lists, I love writing lists. There's nothing about lists I don't like. And, sheesh, I'm a girl. So I wanted to see what others thought I should read. Obviously, duh. I ended up not doing much with this list. Perhaps you will.

  • Webcomics, anyone? - Here is the list from wikipedia of all webcomics. I found this to be a great addition while participating in the 24-Hour Read-a-Thons!

  • Improv Everywhere- Around the time I was in college, Rheingold published a book called "Smart Mobs". I remember my group of friends being excited about these flash mob creations. This site is sorta based on that, where groups of people come together and do the wildest things. (Side note: Why does all of the cool things happen in NYC??)

  • Personal Library Kit - C'mon guys, how cute, yes?!? I would have loved this as a child. I ran a neighborhood library out of the extra bedroom in the house. Hahaha, unfortunately only my dolls and best friend ever checked out books.

  • 10 Gruesome Fairy Tale Originals - Listverse is such a fun site where they come up with the top ten of all sorts of nifty things. I went through a fierce fairy tale state at the beginning of the year. And although I'm still into fairy tales and retellings, I'm not as fanatical. This is a well compiled list.

  • Tips for New Bloggers - Pretty self explanatory.

  • 100 Hilarious College Courses That Really Exist - I admit, one of my favorite #timesucks is to start googling college classes and reading their syllabus. The nerd in me wishes I could stay a perpetual university student (my bank account reminds me of reality, lol). This site is great. There's some excellent (and interesting) classes out there. Sign me up!

  • Unusual College Classes - Here's another list. Anyone interested in studying the relationship of Bella and Edward and earning a course credit?!?

  • 100 Places to Connect with Bibliophiles Online - I'm always interested in getting to know other book nerds like myself. Here's a list of tons of places to check out!

  • 10 Websites for Book Lovers - Similar to the way to connect with bibliophiles, here's another list of bookish sites.

  • What Should I Read Next? - Ever finish a book and want to find something similar to it but don't know where to go? Here's the site that will help you out. Type in the title or ISBN of the book you just read and it'll tell you what to read next.

  • 50 Great Villains in Literature - Brought to you by the Telegraph. Fun stuff.

  • Best of 2010 Lists - All compiled here on Largehearted Boy's blog. How great, yes? I love the best of lists.
What great links did you find this year?


  1. Oh yay! Thanks for reminding me of the existence of Improv Everywhere. I live in New York now! I can play too!

  2. Ulysses in February...! Dates not finalized yet but a few of us are throwing around the idea of a readalong. Comfort in numbers, eh?

    Love the idea of gathering links--I'm just too lazy to do so. ;)

  3. Jenny - How exciting. (LOL Are you going to do the nude subway one? That takes guts for sure!)

    Trish - Thanks for the update about Ulysses. Can I read the cartoon version, heh. ;-)

  4. LOL! It's not MY readalong so I don't make the rules (Think Trisha from eccentric-eclectic will be heading it up...but it might be Jill from Fizzy Thoughts). But, I'd say go for it! You might be the only one who makes it through!

  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing these links with us! I know I'm going to spend the rest of the day going through them especially 100 books every woman should read though I know I've seen something similar to it before.

    I used to play library in my home when I was a kid too. No one came to check out a book! ;-)

  6. This needs to be a Top Ten Tuesday topic. I'd love to see other great links.


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