TSS - lazy like a lizard

The Life

What up my crazy ducks.  I had a solid RELAXING week recooping from my back injury.  This recoop thing pretty much meant that I have done little physical activity and plopped down like a potato in front of the tele.  What can I say, at least I'm amused with some of the summer television shows out there.  (Dude, what is up with me lovin' on ABC Family this summer.  What am I twelve?)

I'd also like to give a hardcore shout out to New York.  Way to go in the civil liberties department.  (If you haven't heard, and really you haven't? NY gave the thumbs up to equality in marriage.  You'd think that it was a simple duh, but obvs it's not.  And you know, I have hardly any desire to get married, it's just not my thing, ya know, but what do I care if anyone else does and with whom.  Laws should only be made to prevent harm.  And although a cynic might say marriage is harmful, what gender you marry is hardly not.  Come on man, listen to the dead and great John Lennon.  All we need is love.  Ahem, I'll also get off of my soapbox.)

Because I was stranded at home "resting" for the better part of the week, I quickly ate up my google reader.  I KNOW.  That hardly ever happens, right??  But it got me thinking that I'd love to find more blogsy things to add to it.  So, I'm asking folks:  What are some blogs in your GReader that I should be reading?  Not just book blogs either.  What blogs do you read to get OTHER information (cooking, news, films, hell - home repairs! *smile*)

And while I'm begging for entertainment, anyone else out there playing HANGING WITH FRIENDS? I'm looking for more buddies.  Play with me.  My name is:  B00knerd (the o's are actually zeros).  Leave me your handle in the comments so I know who are you are.

The Blog

I posted two reviews:
  • Dracula In Love by Karen Essex, which I ended up enjoying more than I initially thought I would 
  • The Twisted Thread by Charlotte Brown, which I ended up not enjoying as much as I thought I would

(go figure)

The Books

This week, I finished

  • The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott
  • Love is a Mix Tape by Ron Sheffield
  • Lucile by Ludovic Debeurme
  • Spellbound by Cara Lynn Shultz
  • Supernatural Noir edited by Ellen Daltow

This up and coming week, I plan on reading

Unsure since I got so many great new YA books on my doorstep from birthday money!


  1. This is not a blog, nor is it a blog for the faint of heart but Smart Ass Cripple, who is just what his blog says he is, is always interesting and entertaining. If you google him, his blog should come up right away. I also love The Monkeys You Ordered Have Arrived which takes New Yorker cartoons, removes the caption and replaces it with one that just literally describes what's in the cartoon itself. Hilarious.

    As far as book blogs go, I recommend all the ones listed in my own blogroll.

    Enjoy a lazy Sunday.

  2. heheh, you'll regret adding to your GR when you're back at school. :D (I'm so positive, aren't I?)

    For someone completely different, I highly recommend Katie from Runs for Cookies, because she's not only funny and wonderful, but incredibly inspiration as well: http://www.runsforcookies.com/

  3. I'm totally with you! I don't want to get married right now either, but isn't it amazing that we can now in some states? And at the same time, isn't it ridiculous that we CAN'T in other states :/ But fucking go New York!!! So proud of them!!! And sorry for cursing on your blog :p


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