TSS - Goooooo USA

Hey Ya'll!  I'm back from vacay and had a PHENOMENAL time.  Seriously.  Even w/ the sunburns.  I swam with DOLPHINS.  Like, in the Gulf.  (And kayaked with them too 'course.  How else could we get to the island!)  Loads. Of. Fun.

- - - oooh, and I also played with GOATS.  (If you know me, you must know that I've been trying to convince D to get me a goat. *le sigh*  It's been a fruitless request).

And, I read, like, five or six books.  

But today, rather than write reviews or do a proper Sunday Salon, I'm going to spend the day at our favorite bar watching the Woman's World Cup.   Go USA!


  1. You know, goats will eat your books. ;=)

  2. DOLPHINS!!!!! Oh I want to swim with dolphins so badly!


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