Imaginary Girls

Author: Nova Ren Suma
Pages: 352
Pub: Dutton; 2011
Genre: Young Adult, Mystery
Etc: magical realism

The Short of It

Loyalty to your sister above everything?

The Long of It

“London didn’t know she was supposed to be dead. Anyone who did wouldn’t be laughing so loudly opening her mouth that wide and letting out those sounds. A girl in her grave wouldn’t knock back that Pabst like she didn’t care how it tasted, then smile so sloppy and let the beer dribble down her chin.”

Chloe might not be as beautiful as her older sister, Ruby, but that doesn’t matter.  Ruby makes her feel special. In fact, Ruby can weave a story like magic making anyone feel special. That is until that awful moment at the reservoir when Chloe finds the dead body.  Ruby couldn’t comfort Chloe that day so Chloe went away.  Two years go by when Ruby comes back for her, to bring her home.  But now, things are different.  Ruby’s different.  The town is different.  And Chloe can’t help but ask questions that might eventually lead her on a path that she’s not prepared to travel. 

The Thoughts about It

Wow.  Freakin’ absolutely WOW folks.  This book was almost as confusing as my freshman geometry class, except not nearly as dreaded.  I had no idea what to expect walking into this book other than the brief snipped on the back (which I sorta gave you in my own words above) and man oh man am I so glad that’s all I knew going in.

Because of that, my “thoughts about it” section isn’t gonna be as thorough because I don’t want ANYTHING to slip out.  But this book was BEAUTIFUL like those creepy porcelain dolls are beautiful where the eyes look like they might be real human eyes? But creepy like,  did anyone see that Criminal Minds episode where the psycho cut out peoples eyes and then put them in the animals cuz he was a taxidermist and he wanted the eyes to look REAL?  It’s kinda creepy in that way.  So yeah, except there is no murderer who hunts people down and there are no incredibly freaky looking porcelain dolls. 

There’s only a small town, a legend, and two sisters who would do anything for each other.


  1. That sounds excellent. Would absolutely read it for the cover alone. Wow, indeed.

  2. That almost sounds too creepy for me! :)


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