Title: Envy
Author: Gregg Olsen
Pages: 304
Pub: 2011; Splinter
Genre: Young Adult; Mystery
Etc: ARC from LibraryThing’s Early Review

The Short of It

Unusual death: unexpected, dark, and mysterious.
The Long of It

Katelyn dies from electrocution.  An odd kitchen appliance in the bathtub.  It HAD to be suicide. Right?  Twins with a paranormal sense, Hayley and Taylor (HayTay) immediately begin to get glimpses of what might have really happened in that bathroom  the night Katelyn died. 

The Thoughts about It

So, as if I needed another series to get into, Envy is Book One in the Empty Coffin series.  HOWEVER, what I dig about this series is it’s totally groovy if I don’t read any more in the series.  Sure there was a bit of a hanger that makes you go, huh, wonder what that’s about, but it’s not enough that I’m going to feel like I’m missing something if I don’t ever get around to finding out.  THIS is the kind of serious that I wish would come out more often. 

What I do have to admit, ya’ll, is this book had me going back and forth between hatin’ it and lovin’ it.  Irksome? I didn’t really FEEL for any of the characters.  And the paranormal aspect? Well, I just didn’t like how it was done.  Bottom line.  BUT I thought the story line was pretty nifty (and I dug how Olsen brought up his true crime inspiration of the mom who bullied the girl on facebook. Ya’ll that’s just sick!)  Also, the writing felt authentic.  And maybe it’s because the author is a true crime writer prior to turning into a young adult novelist?  The writing made me think of a newspaper.  Informational, interesting, but unfeeling.

If you’re into mystery I’d definitely pick it up.  It’s a quick read.  Captivating enough that I finished it in one sitting and stayed up past my bedtime.  


  1. Mystery fan--that includes me. Twins have been the focus of several books I've read in the last few months; maybe we're always fascinated by twinning.

  2. I shouldn't have read this post! Now I want to start this series. :)


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