The Best of 2011

Forbidden - I cannot stress how amazing this book was considering it handled such a delicate subject like incest. The writing was incredible and it was such an emotional experience that left me heartbroken.

Before I Fall - This book surprised me.  I expected a somewhat fluffy-sympathetic-and-endearing sorta YA read.  Instead it was (dare I say) heartfelt and engrossing.  Sure, there were remnants of Groundhog Day but ultimately I couldn't believe that growth that the main character went through.  The character development itself made this an astounding read.

Ceremony - I had no idea what to expect with this contemporary classic.  Surely the cover of my copy did not pull me BUT wow-oh-wow-wonderful.  One of the reasons why literature is important to read, imo, is simply because it allows us to experience things that we never would be able to.  I'll never know what it means to be native american and I'm ashamed that I have read little of the culture.  Ceremony is beautiful and harrowing.

Reading Women  by Stephanie Staal - I am incredibly thankful that I got this book from LibraryThing's Early Review program because I don't know if I would have found it any other way.  It was released this year and didn't seem to make much a hit in the blogosphere.  Why people, why?!  Such an journey in feminist writings.  Rush out.  Read it.

Rebecca - *sigh* Is there really anything left unsaid about this gothic gem?  I only hope that the more that I read of this author the more I'll enjoy.

Lonesome Dove - Freakin' epic western that left my heart pitter-pattering for me.  Lucky me there are a couple more books out there that follow the travels of our gang of cowboys.  Who knew that I would fall for their spirit as quickly as I did.   

Sense and Sensibility - It's Jane Austen.  There will always be a Jane on my list, I'm afraid.

The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth - Another read thanks to LT's early review program.  At least now I'm on the look out for both of these authors.  This one is a societal study in how we judge others and our cliquish ways.  Most impressive is Robbins includes adults as well.  So true, so true.

Without Tess - Such a realistic portrayal of mental illness and how it affects the family.  It's a short read but will leave you emotionally exhausted.

The Color Purple - if you think that the film was incredible and heart wrenching and fitful and breathtaking and in-your-face-kick-ass, then the book will exceed all of that. 


  1. Before I Fall and Rebecca were both soooo good!

  2. I MUST read The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth! Also Lauren Olivier. Reading Women was amazing, wasn't it? It almost made my non-fiction top 5. If I had listed one more book that would have been it.

  3. Between you and Allie I'm convinced I need to read Ceremony!

  4. Truly, if I have decided anything from the Best of Lists I've seen thus far, I think I have learned that I must read du Maurier.

    And now I shall be sure to put Reading Women on my list!

  5. Love Rebecca! It's just such a great story.

  6. I finally read (listened to) The Color Purple this year - WOW!

  7. I've read Rebecca and S&S. I need to get around to The Color Purple. I've never seen the movie either.

  8. There are some fantastic books I've read on your list, but I am so pleased to see Ceremony on here! I read this ages ago in college in the '90s and was absolutely in love with it. I need to revisit this one, it just was mind-blowing.

    Have a safe and Happy New Year!

  9. Rebecca and Lonesome Dove are two of my all time favorite books as well! Looks like you read some real classics this year!

  10. So many of these are ones that I either loved (Rebecca, The Color Purple) or really want to read (Lonesome Dove, Ceremony). Great list!


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