Title: Forbidden
Author: Tabitha Suzuma
Pages: 464
Pub: 2011; Simon Pulse
Genre: YA, Contemporary

Oookkkkaaayyy!  I'm just gonna get this straight up out there in case you haven't heard A THING about this book.   There's some sexytimes and they involve siblings.  BUT WAIT.  Don't close me out.  I know, I know. I get it.  You probably did what I did and stared at the page in a creepy-like cringe. 

But after my initial cringe factor, I paused, and thought: what in the world is that about?  I mean, seriously.  How do you market a young adult book that centers around an incestual relationship?

Seriously? you may ask.


I had to pick it up and read it.  And I didn't it one up better.  I ordered it from Amazon whilst ordering books on education.  (1)  And you guys.  I am So Happy that I ordered this darn book.  It was ah-MAY-zing.  And made me sob.

First.  It's not creepy incest like say, Flowers in the Attic.  Although, it does have the issued-infused family drama.  In fact, the whole time this relationship was developing I bit at my lip knowing that it wasn't going to go anywhere GOOD but wishing that these two people would wake up and find themselves NOT RELATED.  Which, is exactly how they were feeling too.

See, it didn't come off all creepified, Law & Order: SVU music in the background.  It was subtle.  And then it was all, "Ooooh man, not my sister.  This can't be happening with my sister."  Until it moved into, "Okay, so yeah, that's where we're at.  What now."

And man, the mom is So Messed Up.  I seriously wanted to punch her in the face over and over again.  Oh, and there's this other kid.  The middle brother who is all very adolescent normal teen and so you understand why he's a pain in the arse and selfish, but because you know what the other two siblings are sacrificing you wanna be all: Are You Kidding Me you selfish child.

Also, the book NEVER condoned the relationship.  It never played on it lightly.  There was no tongue in cheek jokes or "how-you-doing" all Joey from Friends style.  Instead it was Anguish. Pain. Suffocating.

As the reader, and totally sucked into the tale I had this awkward moment where I just wanted the two kids to be happy.  Of course, I instantly remember, oh yes, this is TABOO, but man it's sickening sad.

Kudos to this author.  Kudos for inciting such mixed emotions.  One minute I wanted to thrash and scream; the next I was bawling my eyes out.

Oh and the ending.  *le sigh* Had no idea that was coming.  Hit me like a freakin' freight train.

Finally verdict:  don't let the creepiness of brother/sister lurve cause you to overlook this novel.

(1) If someone looked at my order form for that shipment they might have thought odd thoughts. 


  1. This sounds really good. I completely understand different readers having their no go areas, but personally I'd never not read a novel because it featured incest. People DO find themselves in these situations, and everything that happens to human beings has its place in fiction. It doesn't mean we all have to read about everything, but I'm glad these stories exist.

  2. Even though you say not to let the creepy brother/sister love stop me from reading this book, I have to say I was traumatized by reading Flowers in the Attic as a kid!! Everyone said Flowers was so good and then I read it and thought it was awful. Now anything even close to it makes me cringe!

  3. Sounds like an interesting read. I've seen a lot of great reviews for it. Will have to eventually check it out. Great review.


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