Saturday's This and That

Lordy, thank the stars that I've so many rough drafts in my bank or this blog would be crickets.  Things have been THAT crazy and EMOTIONAL and somewhat AWFUL these past couple of weeks.  Most of which I can't go into detail about because it's work related and there's obvs privacy issues, but MAN, there has never been a year so far in my teachery career where I had the most near nervous breakdowns.  And dude, in all honesty, I'm already mediated for anxiety.

Some highlights I can talk about though:

* Everyone with kids or working with kids has an opinion about standardized tests.  [My opinion, they cannot and should not be the end all be all].  Well, there's was this educational board member who took a state test and failed it.  A week later he came out of hiding, so to speak.  Holla to one of Florida's own. 

* I'm over petty people.  There was a big hoopha at work because some colleagues wanted to bring their children to our holiday party.  Um, like out of the blue.  The week of the event.  And here's the thing, I'm not opposed to others having kids, but if we're going out and there's a bar and it's a night...why would you want your kids there?  Biggest pet peeve?  These are the type of people who would complain but would never step up and do something about it.  Y'know, like we suggested they put together a family fun day picnic at a park where we all show up and it's potluck.  Yeah, that's not gonna happen.  #ihateslackers

* Di had shoulder surgery.  I may or may not be the worst nurse ever.  We'll see how it goes when I have to clean wound tomorrow.

* This weekend begins winter holiday for me.  Two weeks off.  I plan on doing as little as possible and as much relaxation as a girl can muster.

* But who am I kidding, I also brought home a bag of papers to grade, have committed myself to make two flyers and five video commercials.  #ilovemystudents

*Corki seems to be a miracle kitty.  He still has the ginormous tumor on his pancreas, but appears to be in some form of remission.  Looks like he'll make it through the holidays, as he's still his spunky self.

* My jazzercise instructor is no longer instructing in my area.  *hiss* *boo* So I'm scouting a new workout regime.  I can't do it at home because I'm just not that motivated.  I was the same way when it came to studying in college.  I spent many-a-hours at Chez Denny's downing bad coffee and reading literary texts.

*I pretty much have not done anything for christmas.  I'm not religious in the least and once I reached a certain age, holidays were not a big deal in my very small at most five-person and at least two-person family.  The added work stress has made me somewhat Bahumbug.


  1. I've never really understood the whole wanting to bring kids to the holiday part thing. I love my friend's kids, but sometimes a night out with just adults is a good thing too. But maybe it's because I don't have any kids. Who knows. Sorry to hear things have been frustrating and stressful lately. =(

  2. Yeah, because kids really need to watch adults belly up to the bar and drink. Sometimes I think there should be a standardized test for people wanting to have kids.

    Hope the wound cleansing went okay. If you lived closer we could go out and commiserate over drinks, because if there's one thing I've learned this year, it's that nurses need TLC too.

  3. I'll second that BAH HUMBUG but stiil wish for you a quiet or crazy depending on preference holiday of joy and cheer.

    I don't think I could be a teacher, HOLLA to all of brave souls.

  4. yup, don't complain if you're not going to do anything to fix it. (re holiday party).

    Can you find a zumba class near you? I've only been once but it was a BLAST.

    Seems there was something else I wanted to say but I forgot...

    so I hope that you and Di have a beautiful Christmas holiday.


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