Roots - The Last of It

Yes, yes, if a student tried to turn this in to me I would either (a) not accept it and speak to them about responsibility or (b) accept it begrudgingly after a LECTURE on responsibility and possibly a percentage taken off depending on their reasons.

Suffice to say I have been busy like it's nobody's business these past couple of days, and it appears to be a nonstop whirlwind for the next couple of weeks.  I will have a lovely Saturday School post next Saturday (it is my hopes at least) lamenting why this year has been UBER stressful, but until then -

Onward with Roots.

First, how many of you who have read this totally dug some African narrative and then as soon as it hit the wonderful U.S. of A. your interest slowly plummeted until its splattered on a cotton field?  Does anyone know when the accused plagiarism actually stopped?

I wasn't terribly impressed with the third section; quite honestly, Chicken George was not a character that I felt for and the other slaves were so brushed by that they were more of a quick meet n' greet with no substance.

And then!  This last section just seriously left me in the land of wah-wah.  In fact it was like Haley was afraid of turning this into a monster of a book (sometimes size does matter) and just sorta wrapped things up.  For a while there I felt like I was reading the Bible - you know that chapter where everything is he begat this person who begat that person and you finish it thinking to yourself: man where IS the aleve?  I'm gonna be honest, I did me some skimming.

So, overall impression of the book?  The first part with our beloved African slave, Kunte - FIVE STARS and a LOVED IT.  And the second half, what I've been fondly referring to as AK (after kunte) in my head - ONE POINT FIVE STARS.  *le sigh*  If you follow me on goodreads, I gave Roots a solid three.

Til next time.  Behave yourselves.


  1. I agree completely. I felt like he was too focused on wrapping it up instead of letting the readers care about the characters. And Chicken George was NOT a likable or relatable person.

    It's sad to think that the parts we all loved were from the plagiarized portion. Makes me want to read the other book!

  2. I know it's supposed to be a family narrative, but I wish that the entire book had been about Kunta Kinte. I loved those parts the most. The rest was just kind of blah, and like you, I did some skimming.

    I have looked for the other book and as far as I can tell it is out of print, which really makes me sad. I think it would be something that I would love.

  3. I completely could not STAND Chicken George, and like Jenn wish that there was more Kunta Kinte.

    I gave Roots a 3 on goodreads as well.

    My review will be going up on Friday.

    Thanks so much for hosting this read along, I'm so glad that it inspired me to FINALLY read Roots!


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