TSS - Time Change

Is it just me or is this THE WORST WEEKEND EVER?!  I do not believe that I am being histrionic in this statement.  Losing an hour? Having to deal with the crankiness as my body tries to readjust to such nonsense? Really.  What an archaic ritual this is.

I've also managed to inadvertently taken a hiatus here on this ole blog but I hold no shame in that, folks!  Life happens.  We know it.  Here's what sorta Life I've been leading this past week:

  • Due to our new teacher review system, I did my "dog and pony show" on Tuesday.  The kids were great. I anticipate writing a Saturday School post on this sometime...
  • Our field trip to Legoland is coming up this month so we've been planning that like crazy.
  • One of my college friends got married on Saturday.  D & I drove down to St. Augustine [SUCH a beautiful city] to the nuptials.
  • I finished my first mystery for March Mystery Madness and more importantly my first Agatha Christie mystery, Murder on the Orient Express.
  • Finally saw Woman in Black with a work pal.  I totally dug the Victorian picturesque scenes and reactions [also if you have seen it, hell ya, I want that house].  I sorta felt the ending was a downer.  Wonder if the book is similar.
  • I put together my list for The Classics Book Club.
  • I finished another audio book, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairly Land in a Ship of Her Own Making and loved it enough to wish I owned a copy so I could hug it.
  • Signed up for a 5k in April.  It's my second.  I'm totally just planning on walking it. ;-)
  • Also, I really wanna learn sign language.  

Finally, don't forget about March Mystery Madness!  Leave links to your reviews on this post so at the end of March I can make a compilation.


  1. I haven't watched The Woman in Black yet, but I did read the book and it's not exactly uplifting :P It sounds like they might have stuck close to the story. I'm curious to see how the atmosphere translates into film, since that's my favourite thing about the book. Judging by the trailer they seem to have done a good job.

  2. I agree, the ending of the book is a downer. Haven't seen the movie yet though.

    Congrats of finishing March Mystery Madness. I'm glad you dug Agatha Christie. Good luck on your 5k

  3. I'm the opposite - the fall time change really throws me off schedule, and I end up feeling jet lagged until it goes back to DST. Even though we lose an hour this weekend, I feel a million times better, as if the world is RIGHT again. I wish we just had DST all year round.

  4. Amanda I just wished we stayed on one schedule. I love having it light outside later but am so grouchy while my body adjusts to the loss of the hour.

  5. The time change didn't really bother me, and the weather was just so beautiful here yesterday.

    I'm planning on doing my first 5K in September. I know it's a long way off, but I'm pretty much starting from scratch.


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