In which I ramble about some testing...

I am embarking on day three of our yearly state assessment.  What this means this year:

  1. For 4 days I have 22 students "locked" in my classroom ALL FREAKIN' DAY.
  2. They test in the morning for three days; the fourth day is just a no-movement/lock down because two other floors are testing.
  3. If I taught 6th grade, I would be with my testing group for SEVEN FREAKIN' DAYS.  All day. No movement.
  4. People. This means no planning.  No quick runs to the bathroom in between classes.  Nahhhsing.
  5. I [cheerfully] tell the kids that sure they might be tired of their testing teacher by the beginning of day four, but chances are the feelings are mutual.  C'mon now.  I love my kids fiercely.  They are **my** kids.  But four days of no movement in a room doing quiet activities for eight hours.  Anyone would get a little stabby. 
ALSO - we have a track meet.  Our first one this Wednesday - er TOMORROW. 

What this means for my overall person is (a) I've been doing a lot of reading, (b) which leads to me being extremely far behind in my reviews, and (c) whatever happened to those other posts I had planned on writing?  Yahknow, like March Mystery Madness which by this point is going to turn into MayIFinallyWriteAWrapUpPost May.

Plus, I've had this thoughts fluttering around in my headspace that I want to get written out, like RACISM and our PC world has turned my students into ignorant little babes who say things like, "So this girl that I met at the movies was white....no offense Miss."  What the what?

Anyways, how about that Readathon this Saturday?  I know I'm looking forward to it.

Hoping to find some form of normalcy in the next couple of weeks.


  1. Ugh. My sis just finished testing, and they cannot do ANYTHING. No reading, no computer, no cell phone. Nothing. I seriously think I would lose my mind.

    Good luck with it all. I hope it's quick and painless.

  2. I know! I feel so bad for these kids. I mean, I'm fidgety!! And I'm an ADULT. Yet another reason why state standardized tests are so not healthy for education.

  3. I don't... FOUR DAYS OF TESTS?! And there's no peeing? I... I don't understand!

    Boy am I glad I'm English now!

  4. Just reading this post made my mind numb. Gah--standardized tests are the PITS.

  5. I start testing tomorrow. It's no where near as bad as what you describe here, but still....


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