One of my all time favorite bloggy people, Trish over at Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity, is hosting a readalong of my all-time favorite Stephen King book.  Basically a win-win, right?  Aaaaand, since summer is MY time to curl up and read as much as I possibly can and desire, the timing is perfect!

I know some folks are intimidated because this book is so ginormous, but folks, TRUST.  You'll be glad you devoured it.

For those interested, head on over to the sign-up page (and make sure you leave a comment so I can discuss!)

Opening Meme

1. What makes you want to read The Stand?  I've read this book once before in 8th grade.  A buddy of mine and I competed to see how many King books we could read that school year.  (I'm proud to say I won).  I've been meaning to reread it for years now, but you know, it's hard to talk yourself into picking up a 1000+ book, especially when it's a reread, and there are so many other books out there to get through.  This is the arm twist that I needed.

2. Describe your preconceived notions of The Stand? Obviously I expect to love it as much as I did when I was twelve.  There are some scenes that I can still vividly picture which is a rarity for me. Oh, and I adore Nick.  Folks...if you're reading this, you must adore him too!  I demand it.

3. What is the last scary(ish) book you read or movie you watched? Sheesh.  My mind is drawing a blank and it could easily be that I've been up since 3:30 AM and have a full work day ahead of me.  I freakin' love scary movies, but it's been a while since I've actually seen one that's scared me.  I guess, in the theater it was The Woman in Black (was that the name?)  There's a few out there that I've been meaning to watch, but my schedule has not permitted it.  As for books, well, I have a hard time finding books that freak me out.  Suggestions?

4. Which version of the book will you be reading from?  I think the copy I have is the abridged.  I'll have to check.  If it is, I might try to find the uncut.

5. What are your previous experiences with Stephen King?  I haven't read him recently.  All of my notions of the man are based off of my teen self. ;-)

6. Anything else that you'd like to add (bonus points for being extra random). I'm getting my third cup of coffee and contemplating how I'm going to make it through the day with only four hours of sleep.  :)  Hey, that's about as random as I've got.

Now go, be daring, and read The Stand with us!


  1. Oooh! I approve of this readalong :). Won't be reading it again for a while because it took up a good reading chunk last... spring, I think, but I shall be avidly following your progress! Also, I totally recommend the uncut version- there's a whole character that apparently isn't in the original at all, and since he's a psycho that's all fun and stuff! But yeah, it is very good :)

    ps NICK! LOVE!!

  2. Ok see? WHY AREN'T KIDS READING BOOKS LIKE THIS TODAY?! I read all sorts of "adult" novels when I was in high school and younger but now GASP.

    I'm thrilled that you're in! I hope I didn't hurt your arm. ;)

    No suggestions for books to freak you out. I avoid them like the plague. Used to read RL Stine Fear Street Saga books when I was a pre-teen and that's the last I've read of scary books.

  3. I'm joining in the fun too and this is my first experience with the book!

  4. HOOOORAAAYYYY!!!! All of my favorite people are joining in :D

  5. I'm going with the uncut version as well. Can't wait!

  6. I am going with the uncut version. This will be my first Stephen King book. You may have an advantage here, having read it, although in the 8th grade. There are a lot of characters to keep straight in just the first few pages.

  7. A 1000+ pages reread is not a small reread! But maybe finding an uncut version would make it feel newer to you?
    I'm joining too and haven't read it before, but I'm glad we are doing this as a group!


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