TSS - Memorial Day Happenins'

The Life

HOLY COW people.  I have a birthday coming up.  Like, in two weeks.  Which normally, I would just do a slight shrug and howdeedo to the whole affair (I might social-butterfly when I'm 'on' but hate being the center of obligation) BUT I can't look over this age.  And not because I'm turning thirty-five and evidently your body changes all cells every seven years out. (1)  Nope, THIS year I have to renew my driver's license.  Has anyone else been subjected to this ungodly affair?  As if I know where my birth certificate is.  I have been scrambling for all of this evidence that I am **me**, and with the exception of the state of Florida asking me for a blood sample, THEY need everything else.

So, I'm taking this coming Friday off from work.  Sure my colleagues will think that I'm escaping the classroom to get a head start on our Memorial Day weekend, but nope, that won't be the case.  At. All.  I will be up at dawn, driving clear across the city to sit in a line of only gawd knows how long to get first my birth certificate and then my new ID.  Snapshot moment, huh?  I don't think I've taken a decent DL picture since my first one.  And that, of course, is because I have this huge-oh-emm-gee-grin on my face; I'm effin' driving ya'll.

The Books

I read my first "cozy mystery" this past week - Aunt Dimity and the Village Witch.  Um, in a nutshell?  Loved it.  I'm definitely seeking out more in this series.  The townfolk were utterly charming.  I seriously don't think that I can get enough.  I also opened up a comic.  A few years ago I went through what feels like a gazillion comics.  I dug them, for sure.  But I also realized that by devouring so many of them so quickly I wasn't truly processing them.  I would see a cover and think that I read it but maybe not?  So one restless morning over coffee I read a re-release, Freaks of the Heartland by Steve Niles.  I pointed out in my review that I found the artwork brilliant, but the story pretty lacking.  What I forgot to mention, and this definitely is an aspect to consider...Steve Niles did both the writing and illustration, which I don't see that often when reading comics.  I'll probably check out some of his other works.

I'm still reading Man's Search for Meaning but that's because I feel I can take it uber slow since it's a re-read.  I haven't even gotten past his Experience and into the therapy yet!

Oooh, and after some repetitive begging from one of my favorite students who will be moving into high school, I picked up from The House of Night Series, Marked. She's freakin' raved about this series for two years now.  When I was perusing through my shelves this morning I felt a twinge of guilt for putting it off.  I know that she'll be gone in a couple of weeks and man am I going to miss our book convos.

And ah yes, listen to this!  I initially went to my shelves to pick up Wuthering Heights for a re-read and for the Classic Book Club (I've only knocked two books off of my list so far).  Folks, I LOST MY COPY.  This is tragic for me.  It was my copy from HIGH SCHOOL.  With my thoughts.  One of the main reasons why I was looking forward to rereading it.  Of course I'll go out and buy a new copy but REALLY?!  *shakes fist at universe*

Hmmmm... I also read Scars by Cheryl Rainfield this week and did. not. like. it. at. all.  This saddens me greatly because it's about sexual abuse and cutting and I definitely think we need to have more available texts on such taboo subjects.  And maybe it's because I had a recent convo about an abusive situation past week prior to the reading and the reality and rawness of it played heavily on my mind not allowing me to suspend my disbelief for the book, but it is what it is.  I'm still wrapping my head around my thoughts (and emotions) to put together a review.

Finally, I'm still sludging through Ready Player One.  My schedule has decreased since the end of track so I'll start going back to my Jazzercise classes again which will give me more audio time.  I have some Diana Wynne Jones waiting for me.  Hide your surprise and suppress your gasp...I've never read any DWJ yet!

The Future

I'm still winging it here on the blog with what I'm reading and what I'm posting.  In reality, I don't think I'm a big fan of having no idea what I'm going to read next.  Yet when I plan things out I feel stifled.  Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to organize my Self a little differently.  I just haven't figured out how yet. 

How do you decide what you're going to read next?  Do you make lists and stick to them or do you play a literary russian roulette?

(1) I totally get this is not an all-in-the-moment sorta happening.  Wouldn't that wig everyone out if it were?
(2) I do also realize we have math and science to consider, but COME ON PEOPLE, if people couldn't read, there would be no understanding of thee word problems now would there?!


  1. For some reason, I loved this post. I think I love how you're reading all over the place. :-) With books my students recommend, I sometimes read just the first and last chapters. A long-time librarian friend of mine does this with most of the books in her library and the kids all think she is a book expert because she knows all of the books so well.

    As for lists, sometimes I set up a small stack of books and read them in order. Sometimes I play roulette. I've even rolled a handfull of dice and then counted through the TBR stack to see which title came up.

  2. Normally I adore lists, but when it comes to reading I have to just choose what I'm in the mood for. If I make a list my desire to read that book immediately disappears. No idea why, maybe It reminds me of set reading at school :D

    That's a lot of work to get a new drivers license! I just sent my old one off in the mail and they sent the new one back :D

  3. I've never heard of needing your birth certificate, that sucks!

    I like challenges in that I have an idea of what to read next. It's sometimes overwhelming when I have no plan.


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