Gone Girl

Title: Gone Girl
Author: Gillian Flynn
Pub: 2012; Crown
Pages: 432
Genre: Mystery, Psychological Thriller
Etc: Thanks to the publishers & NetGalley

I really have no freakin' words to express how BLOWN AWAY I was by Flynn's latest psychological thriller.  I mean, sure, I've been a fan of hers waaaay back in the day of Sharp Objects.  She manages to pick these characters that are both relatable AND sincerely a wee bit off.

But what Flynn does in Gone Girl is just brilliant.  Absolutely Brilliant.  Told in three parts this was one of the most ludicrous journeys I have ever took part in.  And yes, yes, I get that I've shared my utter devotion and neurotic pull to this book whilst STILL not telling you anything.

And I truly believe that is the only way to enter into this voyeuristic chasm of Nick and Amy's marriage.  Because honesty, you have just as much validity in finding answers through a Ouija board as you would while turning the pages.   I swear, every time my emotions teamed up with Amy, I would be emotionally ransacked and pitied Nick.

But It Wasn't Over.

Oh no.  A flood of NEW INFORMATION and NEW DETAILS would enter the scene and NEW SENSE would be had causing a full blown mental seizure. 

Realistically I like to think of myself as a smart cookie.  In fact, there are very few books that surprise me.  Oh sure, I might have a moment of "oh*you*went*there*" penetrating gaze, but I thought of that option way before it happened.  With Gone Girl there was no predisposed this is a possibility.  Mouth gaped open with a welcome sign for flies hanging on my top lip.  *nods*

How does she do it?  Gillian Flynn is by far an author that I would love to drink many cocktails with...enough for guards to drop and ravish her insights.  She is either brilliant or crazy; perhaps a little of both. 


  1. I feel like even when you think it's over it gets crazy in a different kind of way!

  2. What high praise! I can't wait to read this one. Psychological thrillers that continue to test and throw new information at the reader are hard to find but amazing when you do.

  3. I LOVE everything about Gillian Flynn's writing. Dark and twisted and so amazingly well-written. I couldn't put Sharp Objects down and I definitely couldn't put Gone Girl down. I eagerly await her next book!

  4. I absolutely loved Flynn's first two novels and I'm glad to see she's keeping up the good work with this new one.

  5. * Jenny - It definitely does. It could have ended so many times and then she goes somewhere else and I'm biting my nails again!

    * Jenna - It's hard for me to buy in to a psych thriller. Flynn is the way to go.

    * Natalie - I am SUCH a Flynn fangirl

    * Cass - She's amazing. If only she'd get her butt here in Orlando so I can truly go fangirl. Heh.


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