Bloody Chester

Title:  Bloody Chester
Author: JT Petty; Illustrated: Hilary Florido
Pub: First Second; 2012
Pages: 160
Genre: Comics, Western, Horror
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Ghost towns don't always
have dead people haunting them.
The truth might be worse. 

Lady Kate, also known as Chester, is the town goober.  If there were bully books written back in these western times they would use Chester as the symbol of boy bullied.  Sitting in a saloon guzzling beer, the next thing you know poor Chester is kambuzzled and thrown out.  Rather than fight back, he just makes weak jokes.  This is his life and this is what he accepts.

Until a prominent official in the little town offers him a proposition - go to a neighboring town and burn it down.  It seems as though the folks there have decided that there are some zombie lurking ghosts haunting the area and it's all preventing the future of the railroad.  Chester shakes his hand and sets off on his horse (also named Chester) to do the deed.

But, once there, life in the ghost town is not always what it seems.  First he meets an interesting lass named who he falls for.  Unfortunately, she has a crazy pop (don't they all) that he must contend with first.

I hardly want to give away too many details because it's truly in unraveling that makes this comic so much fun.

Bloody Chester is multi-layered and as each film is peeled away you will have another Aha! moment.  Fun times and enjoyable drawings.

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  1. I always think graphic novels look so great and then I never read them! Glad this one was good.


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