TTT - Bookish Confessions

Totally lovin' this Top Ten Tuesday and hopin' all of you guys share your dark bookish secrets too!

So here it goes.  My Ten Bookish Confessions in no particular order.

10.  I write in books.  I try to just use post its but there is something cathartic about writing my own thoughts - or even OMG - in a book that makes me feel like I'm back in college again.

9.  I openly admit that my favorite day in the work week is Friday because I do DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) with my students and it allows me to get in a couple of fun YA reading time.

8.  I will continue to purchase books that I will never read.  I have all intentions of reading them, of course.  But I just can't get to them all like I want to.  STILL there's a chance.  So I'll continue to go a-buyin'.

7.  I'm most thankful that Di loves to drive.  It gives me ample time to read while we go on longer trips.

6.  I used to think that I would never be an audio book lover but now I am.  Hook, line, and sinker.

5.  Every time I say, Oh no I will never read a book like that, I end up doing so and kinda liking it.

4.  I must have books around me at all times.  They are by my bed, by the couch, in all rooms, in my bag, of course in my classroom.  One time I got trapped in the garage and I was SO upset that I didn't have a book there.  (Yes. I now have books hidden even in the garage).

3.  I dream of houses built to hold nothing but books.

2.  If I'm in another city, I have to stop in their bookstores.  Even the big chains.  Who knows, there might be something different there.  You never know.

1.  I love the idea of non fiction books and have SO many of them.  But I never actually read them.  (This seems like it should be a blog post).


  1. Fun list. So you never read non-fiction, but do you also buy non-fiction. ;-)

  2. You got trapped in the garage once? WHAT?! That sounds like a story to tell! Also, I do quite like non-fiction, BUT I keep starting new books lately and they keep turning out to be non-fiction, and I keep quietly starting another new one... This can't be good!

  3. That's a good idea, keeping books stashed everywhere. Sometimes I forget to bring a book along and end up having to wait somewhere and wish I could be reading.

    And I love visiting bookstores in other cities, even if it's a chain. It's like you said, you never know how different and cool it will be! :)

  4. I'm probably guilty of buying books I'll never read, too.

  5. The fact that you have books hidden in the garage made me laugh out loud. I have books in all rooms too. I have so many books that I HAD to boy but are still unread on the shelve. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  6. Writing in your books is active reading. Good for you :)

  7. Eh--I don't see anything wrong with buying books that you MIGHT read one day. ;) Nothing at all. And I keep trying to convince my work we need DEAR but no one listens to me.

  8. #2. I bought my copy of IT in Bend, OR. At a Barnes and Noble. To be fair, I tried two independents first, but they had no horror AT ALL. I bought more books at B&N than I did at the other two places combined. And I have a B&N less than 1/2 hour away...I think the different layouts results in a different browsing experience and the discovery of different books.

    #1. Yeah. Right there with ya. We need to do a non-fic readalong or two. Or a hundred.


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