Long Lankin

Title: Long Lankin
Author: Lindsey Barraclough
Pub: 2011; Bodley Head
Pages: 448
Genre: Mystery, Paranormal, Ghost Story

Worst. Book. Ever.

And I chugged through it. Yes, all 450 pages, because I kept hoping for more.  Because the cover said there should have been more.  Because the back cover summary SAID it should be more.

But it never lived up to my self-imposed expectations.  Oh how I wanted a ghostly gothic read. Also, I must obviously be missing something because this was handsdown a one star rating for me, but on Goodreads it averages nearly four?  Did I read the same book?

Did anyone else read this? If so, where did I go wrong?  What did I miss????


  1. Mmm, sad! I started reading this last week, wasn't immediately thrilled with it, and gave up. Nice to know I didn't make a mistake. I didn't realize it was so long either!


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