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Finally Friday!  I'm ready for a relaxing weekend where I can prop my feet up and get some reading done.  That of course is what I'm ready for - my to do list says something different.  But priorities, priorities, right?!  So inspired by Book Barrage's post, I've brainstormed my own reading resolutions.  

1. Last year I think that I barely read four non fiction books.  That's got to change.  I'm note quite sure when I began to put aside that genre; it just happened.  I know that I am missing out.  Still, because I believe in taking baby steps I think I'll set my goal to be a 5 to 1 ratio for 2009.  I already have two checked out from my library.  Now let's just get my butt in gear, set aside the fiction for a bit, and read them!

2. I'd love to be able to read every day, and if I included keeping up with blogs, the short stories that we discuss in my class, essays that I grade over the weekend...well, then I could probably achieve that.  But reading for *me* is completely different.  Curling up with a book, crinkling the pages, making notes or underlining sentences or marking paragraphs is my therapy.  So I guess, resolution #two is that I promise myself to take time out for me-reading at least five days a week.

3.  After looking over my reading from last year, I never really stepped too far out of the standardized novel.  Knowing this, I've decided to incorporate more short story collections this year.  

4. Lastly, I am not a reader of fantasy/sci-fi. I never willingly pick up a book in this genre (I don't really include the HP or Twilight series here).  In college, while earning my Lit degree, I purposefully took a Science Fiction course because I knew I would never read anything on my own unless an assessment was being held over my head. It's silly really. Also, in this time I decided that there were two reasons why I had no affinity toward this genre (1) I found that the names were often too difficult to pronounce in my head, and therefore, I'd become less likely to form an attachment. , and (2) I'm a more character driven reader by choice and from what I did read, science fiction tended to be more plot driven. I also realized while in that class, that I didn't really care for Heinlein, but really dug Gibson.  Oh yeah and I guess the only author that makes the exception with my anti fantasy/sci fi genre is PK Dick.  But, I ramble(!)  I resolve to read at least 3 - this is huge, people- books from this genre.  

Well there you have it. Between the challenges, my new resolutions, and just what looks good as the year progresses, I think I'll be staying busy!


  1. There are so many great non-fiction reads out there! It might help you ease back into the genre by going for 'books about books.' Those are always fun. :)

  2. Oh great suggestion. I've also considered picking up more memoirs. Since I'm more into character development rather than plot developments in fiction, memoirs might be the crutch I need to hobble into the realm of non fiction.

    Do you have any science fiction suggestions? I'm even weaker in that genre!

  3. I read Stranger in a Strange Land last year, and it did leave me cold. One of my favourite sci-fi authors is Peter F Hamilton, who writes "Space opera" although that might be a bit daunting to start with as his books tend to run to over 1000 pages! A couple of standalone sci-fi novels I've read and really enjoyed are Stone by Adam Roberts and Sister Alice by Robert Reed. :)

  4. Chris,

    Science fiction is generally plot driven, but there are some exceptions. If you like dark characters, then Richard Morgan is an excellent bet. No hard to pronounce names either. Iain M Banks has all kinds of unpronounceable names but he is also quite literary.

    Note, I adore science fiction and may be biased.


  5. I don't read science fiction, so no suggestions there. But Carl's Sci-Fi experience probably has so many you'll feel overwhelmed. :D (He blogs at Stainless Steel Droppings, in case you didn't know.)

  6. Maree - Oh gosh, it's good to hear someone else felt similar to me about Heinlein. I know that he was the first in the genre to put a female in lead (Friday), but still!

    Tripp - I think you sold me with "dark" and "no hard to pronounce names". Richard Morgan's name will be added to my TBR

    Eva - Thanks for sharing a new blog!


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