Every time I go to a different city, I invariably go to a bookstore (independent or used).  So of course, there was no arm twisting when I found Haslam's advertisement in the hotel brochure stand where they keep all of the touristy pamphlets. First, the fact that a bookstore was being advertised amongst all the other attractions made me curious.  But then, in bold they claimed to be Florida's largest new and used bookstore.  So seriously, even though I knew I shouldn't purchase any more books, and knew that if I stepped foot in any bookstore I would not be able to resist...I also knew that I couldn't leave St. Pete without stopping in. I tried to convince myself that I would only buy a bookmark!

The first day that I was in Tampa, I spent it out in the water kayaking.  By the time I got cleaned up and in the hotel room, it was after 6 and figured that it would be closing soon.  Day two I was anxious to make my way there.  Unfortunately, it was Sunday and they were closed! *Finally* Monday came and after some morning breakfast and coffee, we drove over.

They advertise that they carry 300,000 titles in 30,000 square foot. And they were right.  The moment I walked into the store I was in love.  First, there is just something pleasing about the aroma of used books.  I wish that I could bottle up that smell and splash it all over my bookshelves.  I stood there for a moment in complete awe, not knowing which way to turn. Besides the main room, there are "tinier" rooms that branch off which divide the books from new, used, historical, art, poetry, drama, literary criticism, horror, rare, etc.  After walking further down the main room, in the center, you can pick up a photocopied map showing you where everything is located.  

But the final touch, which in my opinion is a must for a highly rated used bookstore, two cats were spotted!  I absolutely succumb to the cats lying on the bookshelves aspect of used bookstores.  One grey kitty was sprawled out definitely used to the attention that fellow book-lovers bestowed on it.  The other, a slightly smaller and rambunctious kitty, pranced around the aisles playing with what I can only suppose were imaginary mice. 

I was in book heaven and could have spent the whole day there.  Instead, a couple of hours later, I left with my bookmark (oh and yeah, um, 3 new books!).

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  1. You have more patience than I have, I would have been at the bookstore first thing in the morning :D


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