//sunday salon - first one!//

When I began this blog a month ago, I intended to participate in as many book-blogging communities and challenges that I found possible.  

Not surprising to me, the Sunday Salon has been at the top of my list prior to my own blogging days.  I would cruise through all of the cool book blogs that the SS pointed me to.  You can only imagine how extremely giddy I was to find that bookblogging communities were so huge on t
he 'net.  In fact, it was part the SS's doing that led me to start my own blog.

Weekends, and particularly Sundays, went by so quickly that within what seemed like only a slight blink of the eye, it was already Tuesday and I missed my opportunity. (I'm still trying to balance my blogging time in my already hectic schedule!)

O.K. O.K. What a long-winded introduction!  *sheepish grin*

This week I started and hope to finish (by tonight?) The Boy In The Striped Pajamas. I had never heard of this book when it first came out, rather, I remember seeing the preview of the movie right before it left the theaters.  I thought to myself, "I really need to check that out.  What a unique concept!".  So I began fiddling with google and doing random searches when I stumbled upon the actual book.  I immediately put it on my request list at the library, but guess a lot of people had the same intentions, because I had to wait for-EVER for it.  I'm really enjoying it.   I like that the narrative is in the voice of a young child caught up in the adult world in the middle of Berlin, Germany during World War II.  Bruno, the young nine year old boy, has only recently moved to the home guarding Auschwitz (or OutWith which is how Bruno and his 12 year-old sister "hear" it).  He has spied the people in the camp and thinks it's rather odd that they would all be wearing Striped Pajamas.  I know from the movie trailer that he meets and befriends a young boy in the camp, with only a fence separating their friendship.  This hasn't happened in the novel yet.  

I've also still been listening to The Thirteenth Tale, which I am loving.  I think that I might have to read it at some point in the future as well, rather than just relying on the audio version.  The story is mesmerizing, but there have been so many times when I have wished to be able to underline a passage or "re-read" an excerpt.

Finally, I just found out that the novel Never Let Me Go is going to become a movie.  I'm thrilled about this.  It seems as though many of the books I've read recently have either already been adapted to film, or will be.  I quite like that.  I always enjoy seeing someone else's vision for the story.

Hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend.  


  1. Nice to see a new face, so to speak, at Sunday Salon. I enjoyed The Thirteenth Tale and Never let Me Go. They did such a good job of filming his Remains of the Day, I'm sure they won't flub this one.
    I haven't read The Boy in Striped Pajamas as I don't read Young Adult fiction but I may yet for the Jewish Literature challenge. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

  2. Welcome to SS. I look forward to it every week. Good luck on your reading goals this week. :)

  3. Welcome! I loved The Thirteenth Tale. I've also read and enjoyed Never Let Me Go. I'm never sure how I feel about movie versions of books I like, but I can guarantee I'll be going to see it.

  4. Welcome! I see you're in the middle of some great books. The Thirteenth Tale is one of my favorites. Happy reading!


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